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Smart contract ethereum based parcel delivery.

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Smart contract blockchain



Expert Review

3.1 out of 5

Well, idea of p2p delivery platform sounds quite reasonable. And similar projects already exist, mainly for the time being local, there are no international projects. However, with regard to this particular project, it does not seem that the authors are able to implement it. In the digital world, your site is the face of the company and if you are not able to make a quality website, it's hard to believe that you are able to implement such a large-scale project. Even if in fact you are capable. The project does not have any MVP and detailed technical description. It is worth to be very careful if you decide to invest in this ICO.

User Review

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ppppp25 august 2017, 19:20

The concept is good. The way they want to execute it is not so much. There is little to no information provided. The logo looks like it's been made from google images, or by some amateur. It doesn't give a good vibe nor it encourages me to use their platform. They want to use the people that often travel around to carry packages with them. It seems kinda dangerous, but could make a lot of delivery services cheap, because that person needs to go to that place with or without the parcel so with a small fee they can take it with them. Maybe other project will use that idea and make more out of it.

Nick W15 august 2017, 15:47

I'm not accusing them of being a scam coin, but I would advice everyone to stay away from this project. The first impression after visiting their site is only creaming that they don't take their project professionally and that's a bad sign. The design is really awful and looks like it's been made by an amateur. Their developers also don't know what they do by the things they say in interviews. They aim to create that platform for people that often travel to carry some packages, and with the blockchain technology it can be a p2p transaction without any third parties fees or problems. But I'm sure they are not the proper people to deliver such platform.

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