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An aquarium issuing a profit sharing token

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Smart contract blockchain




Ingus Staltmanis - CEO

Andars Ignacs - CEO

Ivars Rungis - PM

Jekaterina Cepoljkina - PM

Rolands Klincis - Finance and Legal

Inga Lyzan - Marketing

Expert Review

4.0 out of 5

PAquarium stands out among the majority of ICO projects that raise money primarily for digital projects. PAquarium as you can understand even from the name aims to build an aquarium, according to the idea of ​​the authors - the largest in the world, which should become a cultural landmark and a art symbol. The project itself is interesting. And important is the fact that it is quite simple in terms of process transparency and product readiness control. But there are a couple of things that can scare off investors. A fairly large amount is required for the full implementation of the project. For the time being, very few ICO have been able to attract comparable amounts. The second point - physical assets rarely grow in price, as it is usually expected from online projects.

User Review

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Milkyway65432122 august 2017, 19:04

It's a safe bet for an investor as there is no special technology that they aim to developed and no one knows if they succeed. It's simply a building of a sort of a theme-park and a landmark, using money gathered by people. They appeal not only to investors that will want to get some profit from the tickets, but also they gather a lot of money from environment enthusiasts as they will also aim to preserve some rare species of plankton.

Gabralej14 august 2017, 07:49

This is a very interesting project. With all the current technology, it is good to see projects that favor outdoor activities with the family in a place that could be beautiful. It is also good to use cryptocurrencies instead of applying for bank loans with very high interest rates. Investments are accessible for anyone and seems to be transparent.

Josephic13 august 2017, 17:30

It's basically a crowdfunding with the usage of blockchain technology. It's a good that company that takes money from donators will be transparent with everything they do with it. An investor can feel safe as they are building a real thing so the token's worth is backed with some land at least. They aim to build the biggest aquarium in the world and a holder of a token will eventually get dividends from the goods they sell and tickets to their amusement park. And a lifetime ticket of course! They plan to introduce more usage for this token.

If they succeed and indeed create the biggest aquarium in a world, holding a token to a world wonder will probably turn out to be somehow valuable.

User1357013 august 2017, 17:20

They want to build a big aquarium. For real, no joke.

Despite of the fact how ridiculous it sounds, I find this project pretty solid and possibly successful. It's not a revolution in blockchain technologies or cryptocurrencies. It's more of a crowdfunding. But there is a real investment behind it, they will buy a real land with that money and build real amusement park so the only possible threat for an investor is that they won't success in terms of marketing or that people won't be interested in visiting this place.

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