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Origin Protocol


Origin is a protocol for creating sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS

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Smart contract blockchain




Josh Fraser - Cofounder

Matthew Liu - Cofounder

Stan James - Senior Engineer

Andrew Hyde - Community

Coleman Maher - Partnerships

Jon Hearty - Business Development

Yu Pan - R&D; Engineer

Origin is a sharing economy marketplace and set of protocols that enables buyers and sellers of fractional use goods and services (car-sharing, service-based tasks, home-sharing, etc.) to transact on the distributed, open web. Using the Ethereum blockchain and Interplanetary File System (IPFS), the platform and community are decentralized, allowing for the creation and booking of services and goods without traditional intermediaries.

We are specifically building a large-scale commerce network that:

  • Transfers direct financial value (listing, transaction, and service fees) from large corporations like Airbnb, Craigslist, Postmates, etc. to individual buyers and sellers.
  • Transfers indirect financial and strategic value (privately aggregated silos of customer and transaction data) from those same corporations to the entire ecosystem.
  • Creates new financial value for marketplace participants that contribute to the growth of the network (e.g. building new technology for the 0rigin network, bootstrapping new product verticals, and referring new users and businesses).
  • Is built on an open, distributed, and shared data layer to promote transparency and collaboration.
  • Immediately allows buyers and sellers across the world to do business with each other without difficult currency conversions or tariffs.
  • Promotes personal liberty by not allowing a central corporation or government to impose arbitrary and oftentimes onerous rules on how to do business.

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

ORIGIN protocol aims to create the sharing economy marketplaces using the Ethereum blockchain and IPFS without any mediator. It attempts to empower the businesses and developers to easily build and manage decentralized marketplaces on the blockchain and on its platform the sellers and buyers can browse listing, leave comments, reviews and discover more users. It's worth noting that there are already multiple projects which are working using Origin protocol and base their dApps on it. For example WeTrust, CanYa or Spin to name a few. The team is quite big and consists of experienced members and skilled developers and the overall team evaluation is very positive with an extension of advisory board, with member who has previously worked with Ethereum Foundation. The website has been perfectly designed with a right amount of information provided and the whitepaper seems well thought, the roadmap also looks practical and realistic.

User Review

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John218 may 2018, 10:24

A sharing economy marketplace on blockchain is what origin aims to offer which is built on an open, distributed, and shared data layer to increase transparency which I think is a pretty great concept and would be able to attract many investors and a large userbase. The team behind it is reputable and well-experienced and the website is nicely designed as it should have been. The whitepaper seems carefully planned and the roadmap looks practical. If i had to invest in it then I definitely would have.

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