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Opus is a fully decentralized music sharing protocol

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Smart contract blockchain




Bokang Jia - CEO

Mateusz Mach - COO

Chenhao Xu - CTO

Sam Peeters - Lead Developer

Rehan Gotla - Business and data analyst

Akira Rao - Full stack developer

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

Opus project aims to create a decentralized music platform. A kind of competitor for Spotify, Apple Music and others, but with the use of blockchain. The very idea of ​​the project is quite logical. The project is prepared for the ICO at a good level - a quality website, a lot of information. A demo version is already available, which is still not very functional, but allows you to clearly understand the principles of the future product. White Paper on 42 pages contains a lot of necessary information, including technological and financial aspects of the future platform. The project team has 10 people, including many technical specialists. The project looks like a reliable investment.

User Review

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themathiasmiller8804 september 2017, 00:56

This project is awesome for helping new artists who wants their music to be streamed and released to the public. With itunes and spotify it's quite hard for new artists to survive since they are only getting a small percentage of their revenue but with this project they are giving 97% of the revenue to the artists and the transactions are completely visible to the public's eye thus allowing labels to be as transparent as possible. They also allow artists to promote their music by paying their listeners to share their music to their family,friends and co-workers. Lastly users have a say on the direction of the OPUS project, this encourages the community to participate in the development of the project. They have also recently just released their beta it's still not fully functional but it's quite good for a beta. Anyway the only downside that I see in this project is that the devs are not that quite good with marketing and they are not willing to spend a lot on advertising which I think is the reason why the project is not raising the amount of money proportional to their potential.

themainman17 august 2017, 12:01

A decentralized music market platform for Artiste with free charges on music sales
900million token will be available for sales
ICO have been listed and recognised global news and magazine
dedicated staff with traceable job history
active social page and quick response to messages
Us citizens are not allowed

dlorah16 august 2017, 10:20

Give the power and money back to the artist. Now I do think that the major artist don't have anything to complain about, they making millions allready. But for the upcomming/starter/hobby artist it is very difficult to get a good payment for your music. Hope this brings the money especially to the new artists.

01010113 august 2017, 20:53

Yeah, the music industry and companies that stream music are ripping artists off so it's time to create a platform that won't do this. It's good that it's based around cryptocurrencies payments so the artists will definitely profit of it. Thanks to the blockchain any fees are significantly reduced so there won't be anyone stealing from them. I checked out the demo app and it looks good and pretty usable. I will listen on it to my favourite music and support artists directly one day.

j.bob213 august 2017, 12:33

A project that truely supports artists. Finally, one would say.

Many big corporation take up to 80% of what an artist make on their songs. Opus wants to bring transparency and fair revenues. They've already at this early stage put out a demo of their music sharing and playing platform, which is a pretty good sign for any project. It works pretty good, has a neat design and already some songs. I can see people one day transition to this project and leave spotify and support artist directly.

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