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Zen is an application and a decentralised network

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Smart contract blockchain




Ilya Druzhinin - CEO and software engineer

Alexandr Vinarskiy - Software engineer

Dima Himi - UI\UX expert

Ilya Bogdanov - Software engineer

Bogdan Popov - Community manager

Irina Druzhinina - Financial analyst

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themainman16 august 2017, 14:34

good web navigation. whitepaper and roadmap present
developing a browser applications performing multi task functions such as a search engine and a storage of information is really great concept and very realistic goal
good and experience team members with traceable job histories
quick response to inquiries and active social pages
offer presales with discoount
quite a long time project till Q3 2019

palmbird15 august 2017, 10:54

At the first place i don't know if the name of this project is a good one.The name will only attract a small part of the community.Also there is still a lot of work to be done in this project before it can work good.To succeed they will need an advertising and promotion that is much bigger than most other projects.They also need to give more information about there idea.

01010113 august 2017, 20:58

So it's like we get a new empty internet and we can fill it up from scratch thanks to the blockchain technology storing all the data. They claim that they as developers want to influence it as little as possible and control it as little as possible and I find it concerning. I mean you basically give people blank slate to fill. They can fill it with a lot pretty bad things that are usually considered illegal. Also it will be pretty useless at the beginning as you won't be able to find any information because noone have provided it yet. It's a good idea, but I consider the execution of it by the developers quite poor.

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