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Open Platform


The first blockchain payments infrastructure for applications.

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Smart contract blockchain




Ken Sangha - CEO

Andrew Leung - CTO

Abhishek Punia - Blockchain Lead

Chase Smith - Blockchain Lead Developer

Dustin Sinkey - Solidity Developer

Alvin Lau - Managing Director

Roger Jin - Director of Strategy

The technical architecture of Open Money's implementation is split into two main elements: the Open Platform REST API itself as well as an SDK with support for JS, iOS, Android and React-Native. The Open Money SDK enables functionality of the platform on behalf of the software developer. SDK functionality includes tasks required to access platform features such as handling all communication and payment processes between the developer’s backend and the Open Money backend, managing developer accounts, and security related processes.

Expert Review

3.7 out of 5

Open Platform is made to make things easy for applications to integrate with and accept cryptocurrencies as payments. Open Platform is testing their MVP on the testnet at the moment, and has publicly announced a partnership with ZenSoft, a company with 150+ employees and provides backend services for a large number of companies and startups in Silicon Valley. The OPEN token will be used for staking Scaffolds to pay for purchases on the network and to foster community involvement via airdrops from the pool for developers. The website is above average and the team is new to this field but are doing their best. The whitepaper covers all the details and the roadmap is good.

User Review

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Tender Investor20 may 2018, 22:45

Open platform is the first company on the market providing the feature of integrating cryptocurrency payments into existing applications and therefore has a lot of good opportunities and advantages. On taking a look at the idea, team, whitepaper, and roadmap, we see a marvellous project and the team that will definitely conduct a top ICO campaign.In my opinion open platform is an excellent project that is the first on market which is led by an excellent and hardworking team.Therefore I would like to invest in this beautiful project and I hope that open platform will bring me good profits.

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