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Ongoing ICO

Here you can find all the current Initial Coin Offerings and Token Sales of projects listed on TokenTops. We've collected the most interesting of ICOs, as well as the ones that you better avoid.

Sorting and filters

You can sort them based on their rating, made both by our experts, but also the users and all crypto enthusiasts and investors. Next to each ICO you can find a brief description of the project and information about how far it already is into the crowdfunding campaign and how much time you've got to buy token or coin of your choice. Every ICO gets a rating from 1-5 stars, based on many variables with the most important being project's quality and potential profit in the future.

ICO Date

The green bar visible between the description and rating stars, indicates how long the coin offering will last and how much time's left. The fuller the bar, the closer it is to the end of token sale. Remember that after that, it won't be possible to get these coins that easy and cheap. You will only be able to buy them from exchanges, when they often exceed very quickly even 200% ROI. It's worth noting that many projects offer presale and early buyer bonuses, so the faster you decide, the cheaper you can get these coins.

Making the decision

TokenTops ico watch list of ongoing projects, their ratings and reviews is all you need to research the projects and decide which token to buy. In case you are interested in a further evaluation of the project you can click on it to get more information, read more reviews and visit their site or social media.


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