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Decentralized and low transaction cost payment system

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Smart contract blockchain




Dhimas Pambudi - CEO & Founder

Dr. Adeel - Developer, Project Manager

Benjamin Holmes - Community Manager

Miguel Landicho - Campaign Manager

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Octanox aims to create a unique payment platform based on blockchain by offering more secure and a decentralized system which would consume much less energy than bitcoin, making it more environmentally-friendly. It is based on Waves technology and has built products like MiddleX, OctaGUI, Smart web wallet, Octalk and its exchange just to name a few. The team is relatively small, however as they've managed to deliver some of the features already, it shows that they are skilled and reliable. The roadmap is straightforward, well planned and executed and the whitepaper is also nicely thought and presented. The website is nicely designed and the user interface is quite good. Overall the project seems fine and may be able to compete with other payment platforms, however the competition is strong in this market.

User Review

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ICO Review28 may 2018, 19:58

The project provides a crypto exchange, payment system, and wallet which is a highly common idea but it has some advanced features making it better from others. According to me, it could be one of the great projects if it gets the necessary userbase. The team evaluation is neutral and the website is also well designed. I would not recommend investing in this ICO as there won't be many investors interested in the concept.

Benaza28 august 2017, 18:15

Even they use existed technology they want to make Octanox useable as currency, they will release the first 2d open world survival multiplayer game for blockchain, I think its really cool, and has big potential on market and it should acceptable on many sectors for example gaming world to educate gamers or android users.

Lils25 august 2017, 18:51

I know that it is essential for new projects to emerge to act as a competition for bitcoin litecoin or ethereum, but we've got enough established paying projects. I see no point in creating another one unless it is really revolutionary and this one doesn't seem to be that much. They claim that they are more energy efficient than bitcoin and have cheaper fees, but this is too little to become any significant in the crypto-payments world.

The design looks good, is neat and I like it. They provide whitepapers and it is easy to find all the information. I'm not so sure about the team, they have written things that may indicate that they are experienced but there are little details so these are just words. I'm not sure.

catface917 august 2017, 12:30

Whoa, they aim to really compete with a bitcoin. That means they are mad or they have developed a really strong technology that has a future.

Octanox aims to create a faster and cheaper payments than we have now with bitcoin. Moreover it is not mineable and doesn't use up that much computing power, therefore is more environmentally friendly as it won't turn out to have many mines set up using our energy. It will have it's own secure wallet.
The design is very good, the information easy to find.

The team behind this project seems like already experienced in cryptocurrency projects and blockchain technology.

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