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Numerai manages an institutional grade global equity strategy

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Smart contract blockchain




Peter Diamandis -

Ash Fontana -

Joey Krug -

Dr Norman H. Packard -

Dr Vitaly Shmatikov -

Dr Arvind Narayanan -

Expert Review

3.3 out of 5

The first thing that catches your eye on the Numerai project website is its sloppyness. As for the content, the situation is not better - there is very little information. The same situation is with White Paper - it contains very little information about the project. And the information that is very bad and confusing conveys the essence of the project. From what you were able to understand, this is a hedge fund that is managed by artificial intelligence to maximize the benefits of participants. However, this sounds somewhat too ambitious at the current level of AI technology development.

User Review

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William2115 august 2017, 13:11

There is no way it will ever succeed.

They are bunch of analysts who want to make stock trading and basically whole Wallstreet being transparent so that we could all together work out the solution for perfect investment and strategies based on many investors that will from now on do it transparently with all the data being available for scientists and economists to looks at. It's a brave hope but there is no way for it to succeed. Too much of an thought of utopian society of people working together for higher profits and scientific and analytical developments.

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