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Virtual Operating System for a new, transparent internet. Powered by the NEO Smart Economy

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Dean van Dugteren - Founder & Developer

Matt Huggins - Full-stack Developer

Jason Perry - Full-stack Developer

Jeroen Peeters - Contributor

Maurice Dalderup - Contributor

nOS is a user-friendly desktop and mobile application. 
Think of nOS as an app store and web browser, a virtual operating system, with the ability to access a new, decentralized internet. On this new internet, apps work transparently and openly. Your data is safe, and it only goes where you want it to go. 

1. Websites and apps host their content in a completely open and decentralized manner using NEO Smart Contracts, giving users complete insight about what happens with their data. 

2. When using multiple dApps, users never have to work with different tokens. End-users only use NEO's utility token GAS, and nOS automatically converts it to the proper amount of NEP-5 tokens required for a specific transaction or invocation. 

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

nOS aims to build a new smart internet which is transparent, for the smart economy and is built on the NEO blockchain. It has the goal to encourage worldwide consumer-level adoption of the NEO dApps which is by providing a more secure and easier method to use application. It provides features such as decentralized authority, open back-ends, universal smart contracts and uses GAS as a utility token. The team behind the project is relatively small however they have good experience and have worked on blockchain projects earlier so the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is well-designed and is minimal has all the necessary information provided. They have a well developed GitHub repository, which anyone can analyze.

User Review

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John218 may 2018, 10:18

The project aims to provide blockchain services and a smart internet which according to me is a pretty common idea. But this project has been carried out satisfactorily and the team has dedicated members and their social media marketing team also has done well. The website, whitepaper and the roadmap all seem great and carefully planned according to me with the roadmap being planned and in my opinion, it seems like a good project to invest in.

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