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Nimiq Network


Browser-based Blockchain & Ecosystem

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Robin Linus - Nimiq Creator, Blockchain Architect

Philipp von Styp Rekoswky - Nimiq Creator, Tech Lead

Elion Chin - Nimiq Creator, Operations

Pascal Berrang - Blockchain Developer, Cryptography

Marvin Wissfeld - Blockchain Developer, Cryptography

Jeffrey Esquivel - Blockchain Developer

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

Nimiq aims to create a third generation blockchain cryptocurrency and peer-to-peer settlement protocol made for online use which is completely decentralized system and uses an open-source protocol and solving challenges faced on a web-based blockchain is the translation of blockchain constituents to the web platform. Nano clients synchronize in seconds. Nimiq is browser-based and installation-free. It provides users with an excellent payment experienced and a browser-based blockchain. The team has great dedicated members and the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is minimal but greatly designed and the whitepaper looks fine. The roadmap seems practical too.

User Review

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ICO Review31 may 2018, 11:58

Providing a browser-based blockchain payment protocol mining network is what this project aims which according to me is great and it brings simplicity to it which indeed is an attraction to many users. The team behind is great and the websites user interface is quite impressive. The roadmap and whitepaper also seem well. Overall the project is moderate and I would say invest only if you want to.

Daniel V.28 august 2017, 20:48

People unfamiliar with cryptocurrency would have a pretty easy way to get started.
Integrated and focused peer2peer wallet transaction will make it possible to exchange fiat-Nimiq with friends and family.
Easy to use, developers will have such an easy time with nimiq.
Easy to integrate into new games, applications, whatever software or business you have or want to build.
Same proven Bitcoin distribution 21millions etc...
Security - enhanced, everything needs security.
Easy to mine in web-browser.

So simple to use that there will be motiviation to keep fees lows and the value of the coin lower.
Easy to mine in web-browser would prone big mining farms.
Easier to clone since its JS.
Not yet fully developed. Will the team of experts complete the code on December? January?
Developers are young, maybe too young for such a big endevour?
Developers are eating and eating sushi while the code is NOT even completed.
Should they not eat sushi until they finish coding?
The team is posting updates, and you can see they are guys with no woman. Can you trust guys with no woman? I'm okay with gay, im not gay, but this guys are on the "unknown" space.
They say they have sent the t-shirts they've promised, but I have not received anything.... if they can't deliver t-shirts, can they deliver code?

Pockachu28 august 2017, 16:29

Nimiq calls itself a 'next-generation' blockchain technology, and whilst it has yet to realise its promise, I believe it has the potential to be one.

In hindsight, the idea of Nimiq is obvious. It's one of those, "Oh, I should have thought of that". Take inspirations from Bitcoin and rebuild it in javascript -- a scripting language ubiquitously supported by every major browser. This engineering feat will make it possible for every blockchain functionalities like wallet, mining etc. to be accessed from the browser with no installation required, significantly lowering the technical barrier of entry to the masses who'd never been exposed to the idea of crypto-currency before.

A latency-bound proof-of-work algorithm (to be determined at the writing of this review) is also supposed to be incorporated into the network, make mining not prohibitive for low-end devices and resulting a more decentralised network for all.

The team has a strong vision and execution ability. They regularly provide updates on their YouTube channel:

The final goal of nimiq is to make cryptocurrency payment and transactions easy and accessible to as many people as possible, and based on their progress so far, I believe they're on track to realise their goal. The Nimiq main network will be released in December, and I'm excited to see what they deliver.

Samster28 august 2017, 16:05

I like Nimiq for its simplicity of access. Anyone with a browser can effortlessly have a wallet to send and receive currency. The project looks very promising since the team had a working betanet prior to a successful crowdfunding event. Looking forward to the launch of mainnet in December!

That's right19 august 2017, 10:32

With people fearing of installing some new unknown software and many malware going around the Internet files, any service or project that doesn't need much work to set up is very user-friendly. They claim to have very light and fast payments making them a really reliable to use for micropayments, as other coins fee are getting higher and higher making it hard to use in sending small amounts of money. They even make it possible to mine the coins in the browser.

Their design is pretty good, very simple and user-friendly. It seems easy to use.

Herlina17 august 2017, 11:54

This great project, a third-generation blockchain protocol
Cutting-edge Blockchain research and web technology streamlined to create an open payment protocol designed to lower multiple barriers of entry.
The advantages Nimiq Network
1. Installation-Free
2. Sync in Seconds
3. Instant Transactions

The advantages Nimiq Network
Limitations which can be a concern highlighted in their Whitepaper.
1. Depending on the user’s NAT configuration, direct peer-to-peer connections may not be established.
2. Powerful browser APIs are restricted to secure origins.

p3ppymon16 august 2017, 22:34

Nimiq is the first browser-based blockchain which aims to have a worldwide distribution.
Mining will be achieved through browsers.
60k ETH raised within a few days after ICO was launched. Waiting for the Mainnet in December.

Glory9016 august 2017, 11:01

This project is a great example of what is the future of Blockchain viz a viz World Wide Web is concerned and explores most of the cutting edge W3 technologies to demonstrate that even in a browser you can run a full Blockchain application which is very positive and open a lot of option for future DAPPs and DAO designs. By no means the project is perfect and there are many loose ends which they want to address in their Mainnet. There is a great chance that their design that they are using in testnet may not be relevant when they move to mainnet hence when you invest in NET please be sure that they are exchange tokens that will be exchanged to NIM (main tokens for nimq blockchain) by end of 2017 when main net goes live.
This is a pure blockchain exchange token which can be invested by anyone, please check their project on github and do a bit more due deligence before investing but for me this is a promising ICO portfolio for both retail and institutional investors alike.

So far I have not found the disadvantages of nimiq, even I can't wait for mainnet release :D

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