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The first real estate coupon token thant power you purchase real property

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Hunter Lin - CEO and Co-Founder

Kris Cheng - COO and Co-Founder

Scott Mallard - Managing Broker

Alexis Fernandez - NY Managing Broker

NAREIG (North America Real Estate Investment Group) was established in Seattle in 2012 with the initial vision of providing an online to offline platform to help international real estate buyers to invest in North America. For the past 5 years, NAREIG has already grown into one of the leading brands that helps Chinese high-net-worth buyers to invest abroad. In addition, NAREIG owns its brokerage business in the states of Washington, California, and New York.

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

NAREIG is an already established company that helps overseas buyers to invest in real estate. They want to enhance their services and make the whole process of investing much easier and comfortable. The token will act in a way as a coupon for buying real estate. Each token purchased with USD $1 cash value can be redeemed as USD $100 coupon when investors purchase properties with NAREIG. It's worth noting that the commercial real estate team is a market leader in achieving diverse objectives of Chinese clients throughout major US markets and they have already developed an extensive network to seal the deals much easier and more effectively. The whole company and the team behind this ICO project looks very professional and experienced.

User Review

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12312303 february 2018, 17:57

The project itself is very good and the discount on real estate investments it offers is also amazing, however I would expect a little more from such coin and I'm not sure if they are familiar enough with blockchain technology to make it work really effective. It seems for me like a fancy advertisement option, as cryptocurrencies have become popular recently, but the token itself won't offer much. Also the stable price may encourage some people, but also discourage many investors who buy tokens for future market changes and gains.

John Jo03 february 2018, 17:54

I'm not sure if I understand correctly, but as the token will act as a special coupon, it seems like it is a very profitable investment to make if $1 can then act as a $100 when buying a real estate through this platform. They have a very professional vibe and the company itself is well-established so they seem like proper people to create that real estate cryptocurrency.

Bruce Simon27 january 2018, 05:18

I heard of this project on Twitter and thought the concept itself was revolutionary. It not only combines two hot trends - Real Estate and Cryptocurrency together but also provides token liquidity. I’m positive on the future of U.S. economy and believe that real estate will be one of the best investment options even in the financial downturns. Fingers crossed that their ICO can be finished before the deadline and implemented successfully.

Cecilia24 january 2018, 04:17

I like the idea of this project, in simple, they provide a tokenized coupon solution for commission rebate of real estae industry. The company like Redfin also use the rebate strategy to attract more sellers and buyers. The beauty of this project is it enable the rebate can be circulated through token.

Through connect the virtual crytocurrency with REAL property would be one of the most important application in the whole industry, I would expect to find more and more this kind of project that connect token with real scenario in our life.

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