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Best world's cryptocurrency card

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Kris Marszalek - CEO

Rafael Melo - CFO

Gary Or - CTO

Brent Diehl - Payments Advisor

Timothy Hitchens - Technology Advisor

Ransu Salovaara - Blockchain Advisor

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

Monaco manages to solve what is the main problem with today's cryptocurrencies, which is the lack of ways to spend the digital money. They offer you a plastic card, which can be used to pay in normal shops, restaurants and various places just like with any fiat credit card. You can store there various types of cryptocurrencies, which during the payment will be exchanged based on the real time rates to fiat money. Moreover, by using their services you can get a cashback bonus of 2% of the purchase. The design of the site, mobile app and whole platform is very good and easy to use.

User Review

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themathiasmiller8804 september 2017, 00:31

Monaco enables users to use their cryptocurrencies into the real world.

Offers a mobile app which is very user friendly
Physical Moncao Visa Card will be sent out for FREE
Dev team is active and interacts with people on slack
Promises hassle-fee transactions
Offers 75% cash back on all purchases using Monaco Card

Not yet approved by visa thus causing panic to the community

Verdict: Future is bright for Manaco since they will be releasing their first set of physical cards on October :)

Darmhygold16 august 2017, 19:22

Monaco is a very good product, infact recommendable to business partners. It allows you to easily make your bitcoin and ethereum transactions with little or no stress. They provide the best exchange rates and they've got a Mobile App that helps you easily with your transactions.They provide cards that you can use to make transactions easily

palmbird15 august 2017, 16:25

Monaco is an excellent product, it is very proffesional what you can see in all their features.The visa card is very good and also the low 1 procent fee that is used as an extra value for the card holders.This company is certainly one of the best in their segment.but competion is coming in next months by Exscudo that will have almost the same products .Exscudo will even have more products so investors may be interested in this.Afterall Monaco is a very good product.

dlorah15 august 2017, 11:15

I really like projects that have in real life uses. Finally we can use our hard earned crypto to pay for everyday stuff. The merchant doesn't have to deal with the crypto, wich is often a burden, but the card does it for you. All you do is swipe and pay. Only downside is: Crypto is so volitile, you don't want to be that guy who payed 10000 coins for a pizza, knowing later it was worth millions of dollars.

niisarearning14 august 2017, 19:11

This ICO really given good profit after ICO recently it reached good value and also bitcoin price increase but this card used official VISA logo then after its removed

ubuluu13 august 2017, 18:00

That's the one from all these "one app to rule your whole crypto world" that I'm surely seeing myself going with. And I don't see a point of other similar ICOs popping out everyday.

The design is really good, simple and futuristic. Everything is easy to use. They issue cards so you can pay with your cryptocurrency in everyday life like with a normal ordinary card from bank. They provide the best life exchange rates so you don't feel like paying with it is a waste of your crypto.

j.bob213 august 2017, 13:27

Pretty good project that let's you easily use your bitcoin and ethereum in everyday life. They give you a card that you can pay with and the money will be automatically exchanged at the best possible price. Seems like something that in the near future when cryptocurrency become mainstream can be used widely. They've got mobile app that is well-designed, looks nice for the eyes and is easy and intuitive in use.

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