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The World’s First Marketplace for Blockchain with Dev Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Mihai Ivascu - CEO

Graham Thomas - CSO

Mark Bolsom - Head of Business Development

Paul Mears - CFO

Alin Iftemi - CIO

Dragos Ilinca - Head of Marketing

Florin Otto - Head of Product

Modex is currently one of the few ICOs with a working product already available on the market, having launched the live platform on 15th of March. People can already browse through over 60 Smart Contracts & Templates. Initially, the platform will focus on Ethereum based smart contracts, but will soon incorporate a multitude of protocols, that also have smart contract functionality, such as: Waves, Coco, Komodo, Ark etc.

The philosophy behind the Modex Smart Contract Marketplace is to accelerate the rate of blockchain adoption and to provide a ‘theatre of operation’ for developers to showcase their skills and offer smart contract solutions to buyers. Real world communities and businesses can easily find smart contracts that meet real-world needs, without having to scout developers and manage one-off development projects for their individual project.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

Modex wants to create a unified marketplace for Blockchain and provide the developers with convenient tools to easily create their dApps from scratch. They want to bring integrated development environment including tools like plugins, compilers, debuggers, libraries and frameworks to allow developers to build, test and deploy smart contracts and dApps. One of the interesting features is the fact that the developer can easily publish his project to the Modex Marketplace without any listing fees. Modex will let developers choose to open source their work for peer-review and pen testing or select from proven auditors who they trust. Such code check can then be rewarded with tokens. It's worth noting that the first version of the platform is also available to check and get the grasp of the idea. The funds will be mainly used for marketing and advertising to encourage as many developers as possible to start using the platform. The other significant part of raised money will of course be put on the sole platform development, however it seems that the team has already taken part of the crucial parts, participating in the ITO with a working product, which acts as a great advantage and can easily encourage potential investors to trust the project. The team is undoubtedly an advantage of the project as is very extensive and the main focus is put on the developers.

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