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Mobius Network


Connecting every developer to the blockchain ecosystem

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David S. Gobaud -

Kurosh S. Khajvandi -

Jackson Palmer - Advisor

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Mobius Network aims to virtually connect each device, app and data stream to the blockchain network and empower developers by decentralizing the app economy. It features a decentralized app store offering a wide range of live dapps. Its network will operate on its MOBI tokens. The network has almost non existent fees for money transfers. For every $1.00 spent Mobius can transfer more than 400,000 transactions, therefore the user won't even notice the costs. It's worth noting that they have a patent pending for Universal Proof of Stake Oracle Protocol. The blockchain is much more scalable than Ethereum's for example, as it can process over 1000 transactions per second, while ERC-20 only 14. There are lots of resources that allow developers to learn how to create a DApp and start earning money in the DApp store. In addition, The Mobius DApp Store SDKs make it easy to add cryptocurrency payments to any app. The team is very small and consists of only 3 members.

User Review

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ICO Review28 may 2018, 19:57

The concept of the project according to me is really great which is introducing a developer, device and data blockchain network and revolutionize the way different blockchain based systems interact with each other. The team is quite great and is dedicated. The website and the whitepaper both are good and overall the project would be a great choice to invest in.

Johnathan16 september 2017, 18:03

So they are developing a new standards and protocols to make the blockchain even more usable and developer-friendly. It's good when a project promotes usage of new technologies, especially when it comes to blockchain. If they can popularize it among developers, therefore making it be more used in mainstream platforms, sites and apps it is very good step of the community.

thesmallgod04 september 2017, 03:24

good website development. the language translation plugin is really working well. mobius will provide simple and secure ecosystem through a universal protocol that will work across blockchain. it offer stability. ethereum based and the platform is managed by team of programmers, web developers and engineers. social pages are active and respond to question easily
it is a long time project

CryptoTamer23 august 2017, 01:32

After reading their project information, i am interested in their project their team is a great person, 2 advisers project are the founders of crypto currency in the top 40 coinmarketcap
this is the first ICO to use the stellar platform, their Dapps platform also looks more powerful than the some project.

I think this project is almost perfect, team, platform, and their technology is good quality
perhaps the disadvantages is that this project uses a different platform than most projects, but apparently it can also be an advantage, I'm looking forward to the progress of this project.

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