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Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store For In-Game Purchases

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Sergey Sholom -

Maxim Sholom -

Vesselin Peev -

Fran Strajnar - Lead Escrow

Nikola Djoke -

Rob Wilson -

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4.3 out of 5

MobileGo aims to provide a cryptocurrency based mobile gaming platform and store designed to compete with the Google Play Store and other mobile gaming platforms. The store revolves around the MobileGo tokens whereas MobileGo revolves around the use of GameCrdits paying for all in-game transactions and game payments. The team consists of great experienced members along with dedication towards and the project the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is well designed and thee apps user-interface is somewhat similar to google play store but is great. The whitepaper seems well-planned and the roadmap is practical and many gamers and game developers could benefit from this project.

User Review

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ICO Review31 may 2018, 11:57

The gaming industry is indeed a vast industry and introducing a platform where the developers and gamers get more benefit sounds great which this project aims. The team, website, app, roadmap all are just as they should have been and the team also has greatly executed the project and I think this would be a nice project to invest in.

Bitboxcoindis21 august 2017, 23:06

Pretty interesting. They will provide a platform for developers to release their apps, so it will act just like an appstore or google play store, but they also have an easy to include in game payments kind of platform/tool, which will normalize the process of buying in all the games, so you won't have to have a different accounts or set up your credit card information for every game as everything will be in one place.

The mobile game market is very wide and these applications are used by millions of people everyday. As they will take it to the blockchain they have an upper-hand over already known and big platforms, because it will allow this project to lower all the fees significantly and also pay the developers of the game listed there more money.

Herlina17 august 2017, 11:39

This project have a great team, The team basically consists of game and software developers which is healthy for the business of the company. Many team members are also workers of Datcroft game company, so those two are heavily integrated into each other. btw, Datcroft has some games in their portfolio, check them out.

The disadvantages Mobile GO,
1. Relatively small share of tokens will be distribute to investor (70%)
2. Design need improvements.

Glory9015 august 2017, 15:02

MobileGo is great project,
The experienced team which is directly connected to game development.
There is going to be buybacks from the market, thus the market price of MobileGo tokens will grow
Soon, they will unleash a big amount of new games on their mobile market. Btw, I installed their application and saw that the developers of Cut the rope are collaborating with the Gamecredits team! What a pleasant surprise!
There are two blockchains, so there is some kind of a protection against a failure of one blockchain.

Disadvantages of MobileGo:
There are GAME tokens and there are MobileGo tokens. Confusing, right? It it important that developers separate the usage for players so that players will understand.

dlorah15 august 2017, 11:24

The gaming world is quite large. I see CS:GO scins go for thousands of dollars. So there is a real market to conquer here. I like it where I can earn coins in one game and then spend them in another game. OmiseGo has a very bright future ahead if they can stay in front of the competition.

palmbird14 august 2017, 19:17

Mobilego has a good and strong team maybe they should have someone more on blockchain.The gaming is really booming now for uses of new tokens.So this new token can be a succes but i hope that it will be on exchanges and not is a token as footballcoin.Hopefully it is not a pump and dump coin.I read that there are some users problems on the site of mobilego what is always a bad sign if it is not solved in a short time. Afterall i can see already that mobilego is going good and has potential.This can be one of the best game tokens as i can see it.

themathiasmiller8813 august 2017, 11:36

Mobilego coins are my favorite I believe it will improve the gaming platform and I'm going to state a lot of points that I'm sure will convince you to invest on this coin.

Contains very active, hard working and well-experienced devs
Goals promised are being achieved
Already being used by 300 mobile games
Offers privacy and lesser transaction fees to users
Everything is decentralized

Cotains some ui problems on their site

Verdict: Right now is a MUST to obtain this tokens. Constrains a lot of potential and has a very promising dev team backing it up.

sksaddam12 august 2017, 19:51

MobileGo tokens will be used to gamify the mobile platform.I bought 500 mgo from liqui,I think it will pumping. Now best time buy mgo.

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