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International cryptocurrency financial platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Andrew Dubinin - President

Dmitry Machikhin - CEO

Alex Shkirin - Head of tax and Legal

Eyal Hertzog - Blockchain advisor

Daniele Azzaro - Strategy advisor

Ely Tolen - International communications advisor

The first innovative cryptocurrency financial platform
Midex’s instruments and services provide unique solutions on the basis of blockchain, which has no extant analogues in the world and offers revolutionary solutions regarding the consolidation of the world of cryptocurrencies and classical finance systems. The combination of neural networks and smart-contracts controls the majority of processes within the Midex ecosystem, thus eliminating the possibility of mistakes and compromises.

Unique сryptoсurrency exchange
Midex Exchange is a round-the-clock service for access to the market of cryptocurrencies, observing all legal norms. Its unquestionable advantages: trade analysis instruments, trading bots, signals of experienced traders, and the ability to strike personal deals with other users.

Unified asset management center
Quick access to assets through internet banking and applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. The center for managing your finances, bringing together intuitive design and a modern platform for sending and receiving transfers, charging, exchange operations,accounts and investments.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

Midex wants to connect modern regular banking and financial area with the new and developing blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. They will offer conventional bank products like credits, payment cards, ATMs, but also empower the digital side with fast blockchain transactions, ICO launching or cryptocurrency exchange. Blockchain technology will also bring security, transparency and reliability on a level, which regular banks can't provide. The site's design is very interesting and it's worth noting that there is already a demo platform available, which looks enjoyable for the user, promising and most importantly easy to use.

User Review

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Midex sounds good I think03 february 2018, 17:41

Midex sounds good I think, overall as ICO project it looks pretty solid. But I think, there are already few other platforms and ICO projects that want to offer similiar platform or services so Midex will have to compete against them and it may be tough. However, the team looks rather good so I think this platform may be able to sweep the competition. The design of the site is very good.

John Jon03 february 2018, 17:38

The team behind the project consists of a lot of people and it's a good sign. They have many skilled and experienced developers, so the technical or business parts of the project are in good hands and it will probably be deliver just as they promise. So now everything depends on the future users and if the project will be able to gather many of them. The platform looks good when it comes to design and features, that it offers, so in my opinion it can become successful.

1231231203 february 2018, 17:36

With the popularization of cryptocurrencies, Midex is a project that has a chance of connecting the mainstream and digital world. They will offer regular banking services like loans or accounts, but it will be enhanced by the blockchain technology, so the transactions will be almost instant and everything will be transparent and provable. Midex will have therefore an advantage over regular mainstream banks.

Richard_103 february 2018, 17:34

I've checked the demo of the platform and it looks very beautiful. The graphics are good for the eyes, but also big and pretty self-explanatory. It is easy to find what you are looking for and you know how to fill all of the blanks. It seems like it would be easy to purchase any cryptocurrency from their exchange and it also provides a variety of analytical tools and price charts. If the whole platform will be as good as this demo exchange, this project can become very successful.

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