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Melonport is the private company building the open-source Melon Protocol.

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Reto Trinkler - Co-founder

Mona El Isa - Co-founder

Dr. Gavin Wood - Advisor

Jehan Chu - Advisor

Andreas Glarner - Advisor

Expert Review

4 out of 5

The open-source Melon protocol will enable distributed digital asset management on the Ethereum blockchain - according to the ICO site. Like many other similar projects, they want to transfer operations with securities and assets into the blockchain space, thus ensuring transparency and security for this industry. The main problem of all such projects is a huge competition. It all depends on whether this team is able to attract investors and implement such a technically difficult project. Unfortunately, in this case it is difficult to say that this is likely. The project has a fairly small team, a weak presence in social networks, insufficiently detailed documentation - all this indicates poor preparation for the ICO and as a consequence of doubt in the project as a whole.

User Review

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Melon28 august 2017, 11:24

Also, to our knowledge the test-net version has been working smoothly for several weeks. However, if you are experiencing problems, pls make sure you are on the "Kovan Testnet" and not Ropste/Rinkby/Main. Feel free to ask the team for help if you have any other problems in our gitter, we are very responsive!

CryptoTamer23 august 2017, 01:57

After finding out about this project, I read that Melonport is partnered with Parity, ValidityLabs, Microsoft BizSpark, Oraclize, CryptoCompare, and 0x project.
they actually get the job done by programming and communicating with partners of the project and melonport is actively working on bringing assets managers and investors together on their transparent and decentralized platform.

But I am afraid there will be a problem in their block, more advanced this project is getting closer to the problem of transaction speed, and the difficulty level of miners will continue to grow.

Glory9016 august 2017, 09:27

Melonport is considered to be a decentralized digital assets management platform.

Melonport has advantages and disadvantages which are associated with decentralized systems. As you know, the blockchain-based businesses are not that researched, so Melonport will have to experience a lot of problems and be able to solve them firsthand.
Due to Melonport’s complete reliance on blockchain, there is going to be limitations when we talk about speed of the system. It is limited by number of transaction which are included in block, it is limited by the time it takes until next block is mined.

bottle of water15 august 2017, 14:28

Whoa, they really aim for the simplicity. It can even be seen with their website having actually no more information than a short description. They have already released some test networks but they don't seem to work properly yet so one can't really get a grasp of what they aim to achieve. It is supposed to be a platform to manage all the digital assets. One place that would be enough to check on all your investments. I don't like the lack of transparency and information. It's hard to find anything on their sites.

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