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To make the world more synchronistic and connected

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Smart contract blockchain




Yonatan Ben Shimon - CEO & Co Founder

Philip Saunders - Solidity Developer & Co Founder

Or Demri - Full Stack Developer

Katya Rozenfeld - UX expert

Max Richardson - Product & Co Founder

Arnaud Gaboury - Community Manager

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Matchpool, on the one hand, resembles a social network, and on the other is a platform on the basis of which any person or organization can build their own subnet, which will also be part of the core network. This is convenient enough if everything is implemented as the authors of the project state. And in general, there is reason to believe that they can implement such a project thanks to a well-chosen team. They are actively working on promotion in social networks, so that the ICO attracted quite good public attention.

User Review

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Little_Ann27 august 2017, 18:54

So it's basically a fancy group chat. I mean it's a platform where you can easily connect with others and send to each other money and exchange information within small created groups. You can do this with friends, or an employer can create this for his workers. It is also a base for bigger projects to be created. Apart from this I'd still consider it a fancy group chat with features. Nothing too interesting for me, but looks good enough to succeed.

j.bob213 august 2017, 13:34

They aim to make it easy for people to connect and create groups for easy communication, transfer, services trading, or just plain meeting people. If there happen to be some interesting pool managers they can pull off a really nice project, dating sites, information exchanges and stuff. It's a good use of blockchain so that more and more people can get aware of that technology and use it on a daily basis. With project like this, blockchains project can faster go mainstream. The alpha is already out. The design is neat and the usage is simple.

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