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Blockchain for worldwide luxury rentals

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Smart contract blockchain




Evgeny Andreev - CEO

Ilya Mikheev - CTO

Denis Belousov - Chief of Marketing

Kirill Zhitnikov - Development Team Leader

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Gambler_198924 august 2017, 11:22

Well if rich people buy into that project, which I really doubt, cause the market and demand seems very low for such thing, but if they do and go public with it, then it will be a huge boost for cryptomarket in general. As these rich people are often famous and influential and the fact that they are starting to use cryptocoins and tokens will help blockchain technology go into the mainstream, so I hope they succeed, but I can't really see the point of this project. They may have experienced developers and good site, but they've chosen bad idea to go with in my opinion.

palmbird22 august 2017, 16:18

Advantages are the unique concept of Luxico (maybe small part of the market but for people with big money background),the lux tokens can be used in the whole ecosystem of the project,the roadmap and site looks promising.
The disadvantages are small possibilities for support,bad promotionteam and to expensive to go mainstream.

catface917 august 2017, 12:08

Well, aiming only for rich and famous people, they are surely closing and focusing on a really small market of not that huge group of people, that probably already have the money needed to rent or buy their yachts and villas and don't necessarily need a fancy coin to do this. Also many of them are famous for their buys so blockchain anonymity is not needed for them.

The site and the whole project looks very well designed. Clean and neat. Every needed information is transparently provided and the team seem like a very experienced one, so I can see them being able to execute this project, but will it really become popular among famous and rich people? I'm not so sure.

mythy7016 august 2017, 22:37

The entire success of Luxico depends on the value of the LUX token. The Luxico ecosystem revolves around that token, but we don’t have a Luxico ecosystem if the LUX tokens don’t have value. This community is designed to be mutually beneficial. Property owners receive valued cryptocurrency while businessmen, politicians, and celebrities can rent luxury accommodation and transportation securely and confidentially. I think its worth it

themainman16 august 2017, 11:25

good website navigation
roadmap and website present
all team leaders have no traceable academic background and job records
No active social link page (means of communication is only through mail)
very unrealistic or no goal.
buzzy project background with little or no objective
no partnership exist on the platform and LUx have not been listed on any news or magazine platform

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