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Decentralized World Knowledge Base

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Smart contract blockchain




Andrew Tran - Business Development & Co Founder

Benjamin Bamberger - Blockchain Architect

Christopher Smith - Blockchain Engineer

Steve Yu - Front End Development

Holly Hernandez - Marketing

Arnold Pham - Project Leader & Co Founder

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Lunyr builds the Blockchain-based Knowledge Sharing Platform. Even without a deepening in the details of the project, it may seem that it is very similar to what Wikipedia already does. And it's not accidental - the project is really a copy of this project. With one key difference - project users will be able to receive rewards for their actions - creating and editing articles and so on. In this form it looks really even more attractive than the existing model. There are truth and other similar blockchain projects that are preparing for the ICO. However, judging by the preparation of this project - he has a good chance of obtaining sufficient investment for the development of the project.

User Review

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Little_Ann27 august 2017, 18:58

Actually it is not that bad idea. Especially in today's Internet where there is a lot of fake information and you can't be sure if what you read is true. When everyone can write it's really hard to figure out anything. But with Lunyr anyone can write, but there will be people rewarded for checking the information. If something has enough vouches we can assume it's true and we will slowly build a huge database of various information stored securely on blockchain.

Herlina17 august 2017, 10:17

Lunyr aims to create a better knowledge base by giving a editors a compensation for their effort, pushing them to produce high quality content and lower the chances of having unwanted, promotional articles.

Lunyr’s ultimate goal is to create a new kind of collaborative knowledge system, but this time around, the team behind this crypto token wants to do it based on providing economic incentives that may remove the issues plaguing the Wikipedia model. Another benefit of the Lunyr system is that it is not limited to just the creation of written content.

The disadvantages of Lunyr, this project they want to compete with wikipedia and that's less interesting for me

01010113 august 2017, 21:02

Blockchain will surely be a better place to store all this information, let users track the changes in it and make it permanent, therefore it would be hard to spread misinformation because there will probably be needed a lot of miners to accept it. However, I agree that Wikipedia already exists and it will be impossible to replace it.

Maybe Wikipedia itself one day decides to transfer into blockchain? That would be quite of a revolution in terms of information.

j.bob213 august 2017, 13:39

Nothing new or interesting. I'm all for all these new usages of blockchains, but they aim simply to create Wikipedia. And why would anyone want to use it if Wikipedia already exists. They don't seem to introduce anything innovative that would make users use their platform rather than already well established one.

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