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Revolutionize the rapidly growing Virtual Reality industry

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Rohan Jusama - Lead Developer

Ben Haynes - Systems Analyst

Josh Bellamy - Full Stack

Rosa Cortez - Marketing Director

Mike Decker - Support

Jason Bolfer - Full Stack

Expert Review

1.9 out of 5

Looq aims to unite all the virtual reality enthusiasts and make applications and programs that can enhance the virtual reality experience to its users. It plans to partner with steam and other gaming platforms and also would provide incentives and rewards to its users. The team consists of members who are not that interactive with the community and there is no evidence what all things they have stated are true like the partnership with the gaming platforms so the overall team evaluation is negative. The whitepaper is not well-planned and is not presented well. Overall there are negative thoughts about this projects pointing out that it could be a scam.

User Review

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Indid28 may 2018, 20:03

It aims to make virtual reality better which according to me is a great thing considering the enthusiast of VR among people in 2017 but the team of this projects does not seem dedicated or trustworthy. The whitepaper too does not seem that well thought and the website is not reachable. Overall I think it won't be good to invest in. Moreover, I think it turned out to be a scam.

themathiasmiller8803 september 2017, 22:47

Looq is a revolutionary projects it aims to encourage virtual reality ethusiasts to come together and create programs and applications that can enhance users virtual reality experience. Its incentives and reward system is attractiing a lot of developers and investors into the project but I'm not really a big fan of this project and here's why before I get to the bad part, I'll state some good things about this project:

1. It's 2017 the concept of virutal reality is very popular and is a huge advantage
2. It claims to be in partnership with steam,unity and oculus which are very popular gaming platforms
3. It offers game credits for users and incentive tokens for developers
4. It promises to offer a lot of VR applications

1. The dev team is not that interactive with the commmunity
2. I couldn't find any articles reporting about their partnership with those gaming platforms
3. Total number of Supply is not stated
4. Inconsistent statements on ANN thread in bitcontalk,website and whitpepaper
5. No consistency on the minumum funding target

Verdict: Lots of red flags is present on this project, I suggest to research about this coin before investing.

Milkyway65432122 august 2017, 18:24

''[...]a platform that enables developers, users, and merchants the ability to deploy, discover and sell Virtual based applications.'' I don't really get what their aim is. They seem just like a Steam, but only for VR games and apps. But they are supported by Steam. That confuses me even more. Do they want to make it a part of already existing and successful platform to buy and play games? So it's like an extension... I don't know.

The design seems good, they already have enough support because of big companies. So we can expect it to be a solid project and not a scam with such support and team behind it. I just don't understand it too much, I guess the developers are so sure that VR apps will be a next big thing they want to provide all the necessary means for other creators to deploy these apps. We will see if there will be a market need for such technologies.

tok_er14 august 2017, 23:35

Well the general idea seems quite good. Virtual Reality is rapidly developing technology that will become very popular in near future, and such technology needs infrastructure. They aim to create a platform for both the developers and ordinary users to be able to create and buy VR products and programs. They are backed by actually all the big companies that are dealing with VR. They platform will be integrated will already popular and well established game platform - Steam. They are already partnered with Oculus, company leading in VR technology and products. I think it will turn out to be pretty solid project with good people working on it.

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