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Private transactions, decentralised communication.

Token symbol

Smart contract blockchain




Simon Harman - Project Lead

Kee Jefferys - Tech Lead

Chris McCabe - Operations Lead

Tom Winget - Head Developer

Josh Jessop - Marketing Lead

Paul McLean - Performance Engineer

jcktm - Developer

Doyle Thai - Developer

A hybrid proof of work / proof of service system offers a unique way to financially incentivise the operation of full nodes. Loki leverages these incentivised nodes to create a secondary network of privacy focused services. Access to these services is limited by cryptographic keys, which represent a commitment to a precomputed proof of work. These keys can be mined or purchased using Loki, the underlying currency. Loki is built from a modified version of the Monero source code, giving all transactions a high degree of privacy.

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Loki aims to create a network where users have high security and can trade and communicate in a way which is completely private. It has the goals to allow users to build SNApps, the apps built on Loki and the Loki messenger will be the first SNApp of its kind. As the host’s IP is always protected this opens up opportunities for example for the development of censorship resistant social media, marketplaces or information sharing platforms and databases. Lokinet is a new type of mixnet that uses market-based Sybil attack resistance and onion routing to create a new private tunnel to the internet. The team consists of members with reputable past, high experience, and high ICO success rates, so the overall team evaluation is positive. The website has been neatly designed explaining all about the project in simple terms and pictorial form. The roadmap seems practical and the whitepaper is easy to understand.

User Review

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Tender Investor20 may 2018, 22:37

A completely private network where users can securely trade and communicate is what the projects aim and to be a better version of Monero which according to me is a great idea but is not really needed by the users. Its team is good having experienced members and whitepaper and roadmap also looks good. Its website has a beautiful design but overall, in my opinion, the project doesn't seem good enough to invest in.

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