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LOANDEX is a new generation decentralized exchange for trading cryptocurrencies

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Smart contract blockchain




Yasir - CEO

Mayur - Blockchain, Backend and Exchange Developer

Fox - Community Manager

Amir - Web Developer and Graphics Designer

Ivan Bazhutin - Advisor

William - Advisor

Jonathan - Advisor

Junaid - Advisor

Advancement in latest blockchain technology is dragging many people to shift their financial systems from traditional fiat-based to blockchain system. Market cap of Cryptocurrency, which is based on blockchain technology, has jumped to a staggering 110B USD by July 2017 as against 7B USD in January 2017. Further, trading volume for cryptocurrency has surpassed that for stock trading in August 2017. Cryptocurrency exchanges existing today are unable to meet the requirement for modern day trading. Modern exchanges that can fulfill this gap are required with trading fees as low as zero. Loandex is one such exchange platform offering to trade in multiple cryptocurrencies in the new era of the blockchain. First product offered by Loandex is a unique high-frequency trading exchange for cryptocurrency at zero trading fees which solve the current problems of existing exchanges. It facilitates spot and margin trading with zero fees thus maximizing the traders’ profit and liquidity in the market. In fact, Loandex is having cryptocurrency of its own named LDX token which can be used to trade on the exchange without any commission saving the high transaction cost for each trade.

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4.5 out of 5

Loandex wants to create a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, which would be based on the blockchain technology. Users could benefit from features blockchain provides like anonymity for example. Such exchange could process almost instantly any trades, while the traders could benefit from zero fees, therefore maximizing their potential profits and liquidity in the market. The main currency to be used within the platform is LDX token. It will be used for all of the payments for services on Loandex, and because of this token it will be possible to trade currencies without any fees. The team behind Loandex is relatively small, however they seem to divide the work and responsibilities very well. Most of them are familiar with cryptocurrencies and have previous experience working on related blockchain projects.

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