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A little piece of freedom

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John Toralf Holmesland - General manager

Sondre Bjellås - IT and network administrator

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3.5 out of 5

Liberstad aims to create a private city (that is owned and run by the people invested in it) in Norway with great importance to the theory that human interactions should be voluntary. It aims to provide all the facilities and services which would tempt anyone to move there. The team consists of hardworking individuals who are exceptionally good. The website is well developed and presented. The project is well executed and the overall evaluation of the project is positive.

User Review

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ICO Review28 may 2018, 19:57

Developing a private city in Norway using cryptocurrency sounds like a great idea to me. Though this project won't be of much interest to everyone but the rich. The team behind has successfully executed the project and for a project like this it might take a really long time to gain momentum but it will surely be good. The website is good and overall I would suggest people with lots of money to get it in some use by investing in this project.

I know what I'm talking about24 august 2017, 18:19

They collect money for their experimental private city. But there seems to be little to no benefits apart from taking place in a revolutionary experiment or some other higher good, that I don't buy into. The idea is very simple and there is no much to talk about, they simply need money to build their city, that's all. I don't even consider it a proper ICO or blockchain project. And I don't see how you can make profit on it.

Vince_222220 august 2017, 20:35

Well there is not much ICO or some interesting products or technologies behind this project. ICO in that way is simply a mean of raising the money for their project, which essentially is building a city from scratch by with a very interesting approach as there will be some special unusual rules. It may even consider it to be some kind of a social experiment. It will be the first private city. With everything being a private property there. And everything will be provided so it's a self sustaining place. With free market capitalism and a bit of anarchy, it will be interesting to see how it turns out, however as I've said it's not an ordinary project to invest in.

catface917 august 2017, 13:33

So this is a crowdfunding to establish a private city called Liberstad. With everything being as free and voluntary as possible. With a free market capitalism and everybody owning their private properties. I see it as an interesting idea and maybe kind of a social experiment. There is no much to talk in a matter of project from the technical point of view. They've got the needed land and they will slowly start to build houses and facilities there. We will see if they will be able to maintain it with this free mind anarchist ideology.

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