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DRM and software protection over blockchain

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4.3 out of 5

LeviarCoin wants to create an app monetization ecosystem, with features such as neat payment API for in-app purchases or client-side integration. The developers noticed that creation of scripts like CoinHive increased the number of projects, apps and sites that illegally mine with their users' devices. LeviarCoin wants to create tools that would allow app developers to mine on devices with the users' consent in exchange for the free access to said applications. The challenge is to conceive a mining method that is mobile-friendly and ASIC-resistant, as power consumption and heating are the most problematic side effects of mobile mining. The token and its code is open sources, XLC are based on CryptoNote technology. They plan to switch to Monero's technology later in the development. It's worth noting that an official Leviar wallet is already available for multiple devices and one can mine Leviar on the official pool. There is no team available to check.

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That's right19 august 2017, 10:35

So they want to focus on creating a free to play browser and mobile games. They created their own platform to do it and the coin will be used for micropayments in games, but also you will be able to earn this coin by playing these games and as it will normally be available on exchanges, someone can even make money by playing games, earning and selling these tokens.

The project looks very simple for now. There is nothing interesting about design. All the necessary information are provided. Looks like a decent project.

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