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Keep Network


A privacy layer for Ethereum

Token symbol

Smart contract blockchain




Matt Luongo - Project Lead

Corbin Pon - Developer & Ops

Antonio Salazar Cardozo - Tech Lead

Laura Wallendal - Growth

Prashanth Irudayaraj - Ops & Research

Nik Grinkevich - Developer

Raghav Gulati - Developer

Lex Sheehan - Developer

A new privacy primitive for developing smart contracts on public blockchains, enabling secure storage and usage of secrets, as well as supporting infrastructure, including the keep market and token. Keep Network has an incremental approach to privacy infrastructure which can be brought to market on the Ethereum public network, iterated on, and adapted for other public blockchains and cross-blockchain use.

Expert Review

4.6 out of 5

Keep network aims to provide an off-chain container which would allow its users to store their private data working as an additional layer of security on the ethereum network and will keep all contracts running at optimal perfomance so that its user get the complete power of the network and public blockchain. Some of its interesting design aspects are decentralized signing, custodial wallets, dead man switch, blockchain storage encryption and more. The team consists of some huge professional with greeat experience in the industry and the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is perfectly designed and the roadmap has been well planned and the whitepaper seems thoroughly prepared. Overall it seems like a great project.

User Review

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John218 may 2018, 10:28

Keep network has the goal to provide a privacy layer protocol for ethereum which I think is a fabulous idea as privacy is a huge concern to most of the users worldwide and this would gain large userbase and investors by its great concept and hardworking team. The website is well-designed and the roadmap and whitepaper really have been presented well. Overall the I think it would be a great option for me to invest.

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