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Decentralized Social eCommerce

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It has been exposed as a scam.

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ICO Review11 june 2018, 19:59

A social eCommerce blockchain platform and crypto debit card and an app are what the project aims to provide which I think is a common idea and there are other better projects with same concept available. The website is not reachable but the whitepaper seems well planned but I would not invest in this ICO as there are better versions of the idea present. Moreover, there are many allegations that it has been in fact a scam.

Aventhe09 september 2017, 16:03

Stay away from this ICO. This is most likely a scam and no investments should be made into the ICO itself. Almost 100% that you will never see your funds again if you have invested.
Their 'develpment' 'team' keep changing their identity and act in a very fishy way. BWARE

karmakeddon09 september 2017, 03:25

Stay away from this ICO. The sole purpose of this "project" is to take your money away from you. is already down and there are a lot of people from reddit yelling for their refunds back. The only response they gave out was "Sorry, Eth is locked until the end of ICO". Well there you have it. Say goodbye to your hard earned Eth if you ever invest in this joke of a coin.

MI506 september 2017, 16:04

Karbon is jet another one Decentralized Social eCommerce Platform.
The Karbon platform’s main features include:
- Multi-Cryptocurrency Wallet
- Debit Card Functionality
- Micro-tipping
- Basic E-commerce Functionality
Karbon’s goal is to provide a platform where consumers, merchants and advertisers can coexist in a new, unique social environment.

White paper looks promising, but there are some red flags about this ICO.
Why closed demo for an app? What has the team done previously? Are there any known backers? Where is company info?
There is too little details on karbon to make a sound business decision so I would not invest.

useless05 september 2017, 21:57

Why karbon is a scam?
1. They refuse to provide their identity (
2. Members have no public verifyable accounts, hence their backgroun cannot be traced.
3. There is no company info. Their site is registered at 77 Geary St, San Francisco (, but there is no Karbon company at that address. Use Google and find out. They refuse to provide their VAT number so that we can check the company info at the government institutions.
4. The bonus counter on their site refreshes everyday, also the number of sold tokens is always the same.
5. Their accounts, posts and polls on reddit seem to be fake. Check bitcointalk about that (
6. There is no KARB smart contract.
7. They claim to be listed on bittrex after ICO, but check the Bittrex policy ( There is no way KARB could be listed there according to what is written there. 7. They mostly don't reply to emails.
8. They are rude when you expose facts.
9. Today they suddenly turned off a live chat after I exposed some facts to them.

There are more than 900 transactions to their ethereum wallet meaning that hundreds of persons were defrauded. We must react! Please, report them to your local authoritites. THEY ARE TRACEABLE. Things like this SHOULD NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN IN THE FUTURE.

They were listed on major sites for ICO announcements (CoinSchedule, Cointelegraph) where they had to pay for such services. Therefore, someone has their IP, paypal, bank account address, ... They use(d) the service, hence they should have their info also. THEY ARE TRACEABLE! If we never react, scam ICOs will continue to be present.

They raised more then 1300 ETH + 15 BTC and people still send them money. This is a lot of money! The authorities will react if reports are made.

Yan05 september 2017, 21:40

There's no project behind the ICO. You can't speak to devs, you spoke with fraudulent people who hide behind fake accounts. Try to google for their linkedin profiles, try to find some company info. Try to visit their page every day and see the 50% bonus counter refresh every day. Search for the KARB smart contract. There is none!

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