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Just Dating Site


Classical free dating site

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Smart contract blockchain





ANTON SHASHOK Social researcher - Social researcher


ALEXANDER PANKOV - Blockchain expert

SASHA IVANOV - CEO and Founder of Waves Platform

VALENTIN KORCHUNOV - Investment Director

Expert Review

2.1 out of 5

Just Dating Site wants to offer what the name indicates - just a dating site. It is a classic free dating platform with an addition of premium services. The MVP of the is already available and has been developed using venture capital. The project stats that it is receiving positive feedback from early users. However, there is little to no actual information about the project from the technical side. There is no whitepapers or team members. The site's design is quite simple and doesn't offer much for the potential investors.

User Review

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catface917 august 2017, 12:01

Well as the name states, they are indeed aiming to create a "Just Dating Site", but with everything of course taking place on a blockchain. This will allow users to feel safe about their information stored and anonymity. More from that they will offer what many dating sites already have, like finding complementary people and fast matching. The design also looks quite good and clean, so that it is easy to use and shows the most important information for a person looking for someone.

Standard project, nothing interesting nor revolutionary. Not sure if people will leave their favourite dating sites and decide to sign up there.

themainman16 august 2017, 11:28

justdatingsite is a good concept
their goal is very realistic and objectives are achievable (building online dating platform)
the offer bonus on coin purchase (JDC) and support many payment options (BTC, ETH, DASH, ZCASH,WAVES, LTC)
They have group of team member with great experience
their social page are very active
campaign will run for a very lengthy period (47 days)

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