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Cryptocurrency social network for the world

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Andrew Freedman - CTO

Justin Jovanovic - COO

Tarryn Valle - Financial consultant

Clayton Lambert - Full stack developer

Expert Review

4.1 out of 5

InvestFeed wants to provide traders and investors with a platform, a social network, through which they can interact for maximum profit. There is one problem in this idea - if you imagine that the project will be implemented as successfully as possible, then it will achieve its goal - it will allow everyone to earn even more. But this is impossible, because trading is arranged so that some users earn when others lose. And in general, despite the beautiful modern site and preparation for the ICO, it does not seem that the team has enough resources for the practical implementation and promotion of such project.

User Review

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Herlina17 august 2017, 12:09

Good idea of providing a social platform for crypto currencies is awesome. The kind of features that they have mentioned that is fantastic. They already have a platform and they already are starting to roll out crypto currency support. Hence even if someone is missing this crowdsale but they should not miss their platform. The team is well grounded and in for a long haul and FEED as a utility token can be helpful. Even if FEED does not have a speculative value just because of the proposition they offer and based on their platform more investor support should come in.

The disadvantages investFeed, The FEED Token fee be will determined by the content provider and may be set on a time-based subscription level or unlocking an individual piece of content.

Glory9016 august 2017, 11:08

investFeed will be a social investment platform for cryptocurrency industry by being epicenter for cryptocurrency social, market data, crowd sentiment, breaking news, information on existing/trending/new projects, as well as have integrated asset portfolio/order management and sharing capabilities.

For me I do not find much negatives with investfeed. They are raising around $6 Million USD hard cap, they have published their smart contract. Very humble in explaining their value proposition. And even their earlier crowd sales and equity that they raised has been rational. Yes at 15000 signups for any social startup is a very modest number and 1000 downloads in android store speaks of a failure.

j.bob213 august 2017, 13:50

So a platform for traders to join together and be able to look up others investments to decide if it's good to do or not. With many people doing trades, with algorithms it will then be possible to maybe work out what would be profitable in the future. However I don't see it being able to work good. It's impossible to predict most of investing actions and also it relies on a huge userbase that will be hard to obtain.

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