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Decentralised Professional Networking Platform

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Smart contract blockchain




David Moskowitz - Project Head

Gaurang Torvekar - Technical Lead

Dipesh Sukhani - Operations Manager

Avadhoot Kulkarni - Marketing Manager

Dave Appleton - Smart Contracts Developer

Harsh Nene - Senior Developer

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Indorse is somewhat similar to the platform for freelancers, but only more advanced. Of course, in this sphere there is already a huge number of competitors, including international ones. However, some innovations and technologies of the project can really be useful for users and help attract attention to the product. The project allows users to receive additional rewards by selling their data, which were previously received by the platforms themselves. From the features of the project, you can also note the system of confirmation of user skills both at the expense of other users, and automatically with the help of artificial intelligence. The project looks quite convincing.

User Review

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Ali09 september 2017, 13:38

‘Indorse’ is Skill Based Professional Network platform using new models of tokenization and decentralized to change the shape of professional social networking that lets the users own and earn from their data.Attores is a known name in Blockchain industry and their product Attores Certificate Issuance (CI) Platform allows University or an institution to issue their degrees or diplomas directly on the blockchain in the form of a Smart Contract. I have been following Attores for over a year and their contribution to Blockchain development and Cryptocurrency community has been phenomenal. That is why I have a positive bias that their platform would grow and will become a key Ethereum based Social networking platform even though they face an already crowded segment where Steemit and Akasha have an early advantage.Given their profile and a strong team behind Indorse, I would recommend that this token should be a great addition to any ICO investor’s portfolio which will give good returns in the short term and will add value once the platform goes live. Though there is a risk of dilution of the value as more IND tokens are minted.

themainman17 august 2017, 13:27

Indorse is professional skill endorsement platform which offer individual to get recognised for specific skills. indorse have group of experience team members and skillful advisor which I am very confident the goal and object of the project will be actualizd. indorse ICO is powered by blockchain technology which make token purchase easy. gas price very low. and investor can invest as low as 0.05 ETH
payment option is limited to ETH
settting gas limit above 250000 might lead to rejection of investment

Herlina17 august 2017, 11:47

I am not interested in this project yet,
Indorse is decentralized professional network, powered by blockchain technology, you own your data and get paid for your contributions.

In my opinion, Their product will need further refinement in terms of architecture and concept. Right now Endorsements and rewards are the key value proposition and advertisements/service discovery their key revenue streams. But for me their key value is in the added integrations that they propose for 3rd party Apps and the integration to their Digital Certification platform which if done correctly and if smart contract can prove as a viable way of exposing key business APIs for external integration, will open new opportunities as to how future DApps leverage each other’s features to create a interlinked usable ecosystem for users that is currently present in form of micro-services and integration APIs on traditional cloud and Saas platforms.

Glory9016 august 2017, 10:49

‘Indorse’ is Skill Based Professional Network platform using new models of tokenization and decentralized to change the shape of professional social networking that lets the users own and earn from their data.

To create a reward mechanism for fairly distributes ownership and incentives of all parties, the platform has 1 tradeable token and 1 internal accounting token (based on the ERC20 interface):
(a) Indorse Token (IND) [tradeable]
(b) Indorse Score (SCR) [accounting of reputation]

Token Benefits:
1. Using SRC tokens users will be able to endorse the profile postings of members on the platform.
2. After an initial 3 month vesting period, Indorse Rewards will be accumulated and automatically converted into IND tokens based on the amount of IND in the pool from incoming advertising and the inflation mechanism.
3. The IND earned by the Indorse platform will go into the IND pool, 50% of which will be put into an administrator fund to be used to pay for the operations of the platform and the remaining 50% will be rewarded to the members based IND pool containing contributions for services usage.

It face a crowded segment where Steemit and Akasha have an early advantage.

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