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Unlike any other betting platform

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VICTOR D - Wordpress developer

SWEN A - Blockchain developer

VANDANA P - Web developer

GURINDER P - Development work

VADIM Z - Software developer

JACK M - Python, HTML, CSS, and Javascript

Expert Review

1.2 out of 5

iMPERIUM is an ethereum blockchain based sports betting platform claiming to take zero fees from its users. Their aim is to put an end to illegal sports betting by providing the gamblers a platform where they can gamble on all types of events and provide them better security through decentralized transactions. The team behind the project do not have a traceable record and the website is also down which points out that it is a scam.

User Review

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Indixo113 may 2018, 10:50

A sports betting blockchain platform is what the project aims to provide but as sports gambling is illegal in most of the world I don't think it would be wise to introduce such a project in the market. The team also does not seem real and there are high chances of it being a scam so I would suggest staying away from this ICO.

BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 05:06

The idea is ok. Betting with no fees, no limits, no identity verification. But I wondering if this is legal. I am assuming that this website is not related in any case with government and all the betting official rules. And I am also concerned about no limits in betting, because there has to be a limit. Betting websites created limits because they're needed. We cant say anything until we the project will launch. It looks good, it has more advantages than normal betting website, but as I said I am wondering of the legality of this

MonopolyPlayer20 august 2017, 17:31

Seems okay. I find any betting or lottery type of sites that take it's service onto the blockchain as a big advantage for them and users. When you have to rely on the trust that the platform you are leaving your bets on will give you their money back and in case of win will give you sometimes enormous sums, it's very convenient if you are 100% sure they are transparent and are not cheating in their games in order to lower your payout or make you lose.

The design is not that good, however it looks neat and organized. They another big advantage can be a fact that they state that they are not taking any fees (they claim to be the only betting site to do so, however I've seen other ICO projects offering this).

Papasan17 august 2017, 03:37

Quite an incredible betting platform.
They play to the strengths of the ETH cryptocurrency ensuring that one's dealings are transaction fees free.
Also worthy of mention is their no limits restrictions on number of possible stakes unlike most betting sites.
The flexibility and impersonal nature of cryptocurrency also ensure transactions can be made without exposing oneself to unnecessary scrutiny.

It is going to be a pain for some to not have real fiat currencies as an option on the site.
Also low payouts might be difficult to convert to physical cash due to the nature of cryptocurrency and their trade platforms.

themainman16 august 2017, 16:32

If anything to go by imperium will be one of few anonymous betting platform that charge no fee for betting. there have been very active discussion on their social pages. they will accept payment through ETH and BTC and no minimum deposit for investors. quick response to inquiries and dedicated team
accepting BTC and ETH only

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