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Mike Raitsyn - Founder

Niсk Evdokimov - Founder

Anar Babaev - Founder


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22 august 2017, 18:59
5 out of 5

An ICO to buy ICOs? Sounds ridiculous. It's a platform that through user votes can help a project get to the ICO stage, as it also requires some funds. So we can consider it some of these help create your start-up sites. Looks quite decent. Nothing too big nor interesting. I'm not sure if it wll gather huge userbase so I don't see how they will get the funds to fund other ICOs.

15 august 2017, 13:15
5 out of 5

So it's like a big voting platform for users to together make a prediction of which ICO is going to make it big. I don't like that idea too much, as at so early stages it's in fact just guessing and researching. Only later we can find out which companies deliver the product they have promised and how well they are executing their platforms.

But with many users getting on that platform I can see it being useful and easy to find new and interesting ICOs. The design is pretty good, the developers easily explain how it is going to work, and someone can make a good profit as they will be able to acquire many ICOs very early with that token.

14 august 2017, 23:34
5 out of 5

reseña en español

para nosotros los latinoamericanos que hasta ahora entramos en este mundo de las crypto divisas es algo interesante ver el plan de negocios que tiene ico y la expancion que va a tener.

Ico logra posesionarce en el mercado latinoamericano con la posibilidad de adquirirlo por medio de ethereum.

12 august 2017, 18:55
5 out of 5

The platform is indeed a great deal for all potential investors. The idea of ICOS brings much more opportunity to all ICO around to easily attract investors to invest with the Help of the platform. The thing in this ICO, it really helps to easily fund a project. Though, the return of investment is quite blurred for me. I can't see how will regain their investment in such a way. Overall good platform.

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