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Hypernet: Introducing a new infrastructure for computing.

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The Hypernet Foundation is launching the Hypernet protocol in order to make highperformance parallel computing a consumer good. Currently, only large corporations can truly benefit from massively parallel computing by exploiting their oligopoly on consolidated computing power. However, abundant processing power from the industrial Internet and data from ubiquitous, inexpensive sensing technologies will soon make decentralized computing more powerful and less expensive than centralized models. Hypernet takes advantage of this trend through a new parallel programming model that unites the power of blockchain technology with the simplicity and robustness of distributed average consensus to enable high-performance computing on the decentralized, heterogeneous, dynamic networks of the future. This technology will finally empower consumers to take on ambitious, novel, massively parallel projects in big data, AI, and modeling with the tools to compete against the likes of Google, Amazon, and Facebook – and win.

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Due to the exponential growth of internet-enabled devices, it is estimated that by 2020 15 billion terabytes of data will be generated per year. However, currently, there is no effective solution for processing and analyzing this data to make use of it. Hypernet is aiming to solve this problem by building a decentralized computational power marketplace to enable billions of devices around the world to utilize idle processing power. The ecosystem matches buyers - anyone with a need for computing e.g. researchers, with sellers - anyone who owns a device with excess processing power e.g. laptops, PCs, tablets, with Hypertokens facilitating the payment. In a centralized data center, as much as 85% of the price of computing can be attributed to infrastructure, hardware, maintenance, personnel, and cooling. Hypernet eliminates much of these costs, resulting in greatly reduced prices for computing. This should help aid adoption of the network. It has a strong team with several members holding PhDs from Stanford. CoFounder Daniel Maren founded Solar Electronics Company Dragonfly Systems and received a Forbes 30 under 30 award, others have founded successful start-ups and worked for a diverse set of organizations including NASA, Nvidia, Facebook, and Twitter. Whilst the team are certainly very accomplished in a variety of fields, it is a slight concern that none of them have experience developing blockchain related projects. The Hypernet sub-Reddit currently only has 500 members. Reddit has a huge cryptocurrency community, it would be good for the team to work on this. Although, this is only a minor concern given the Telegram already has over 10,000 members.

User Review

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ICO review03 july 2018, 10:07

Hypernet promises to bring in a new breakthrough in the distributed computing world, through their new proposed principle of Distributed Average Consensus, they want to tap into the power of every device to its fullest to facilitate new science, power smart cities, and enable large-scale data processing. With the details of the token metrics awaited at this stage and a reasonable expected hard cap (their closest competitor Golem has a market cap of 600m+ and Hypernet claims to be a better technology than Golem with a team from Stanford to back up their claims), this could very well be one of the most promising projects to look forward to in 2018!

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