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A highly scalable, low cost mobile first network infrastructure for Ethereum.

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Smart contract blockchain




Rashid Khan - CEO

Amit Shah - CTO

Xun Cai - COO

GoNetwork provides a platform that unifies app economies across Mobile, Web and Desktop platforms. GoNetwork allows users seamless trade and purchase of virtual goods across the internet ecosystems and between users.

Expert Review

3.5 out of 5

GoNetwork platform aims to solve the issues of late transaction time and a high fee of the transactions on the blockchain network by making these transactions off the chain leading to extremely adaptable and low charged blockchain network mainly for ethereum. The team consists of dedicated members who are well-experienced in their field but some members do not have a traceable record, so the overall team evaluation is neutral. The website has a great design and has some unnecessary information provided. The whitepaper seems well thought and presented briefly covering every detail. The roadmap also seems practical. Overall all the aspects of the project seem to be on a satisfactory level.

User Review

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Tender Investor20 may 2018, 22:39

This mission at hand is undeniably one of enormous magnitude. The scaling of the Ethereum platform is recognized as one of the biggest challenges that the blockchain community will witness in the months to come. Although the GoNetwork ICO is a promising one, there is still the problem of transparency which this platform lacks in abundance. Therefore I wouldn't consider investing in this project as I see there is a problem of transparency and I intend to take no risks.

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