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Golem's aim is to use any personal computer to do jobs that are done today by servers

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Smart contract blockchain




Julian Zawistowski - CEO, founder

Andrzej Regulsk - COO, co-founder

Aleksandra Skrzypczak - Lead Software Engineer, co-founder

Paweł ‘chfast’ Bylica - Lead Ethereum Engineer

Adam Banasiak - Software Engineer

Radosław Zagórowicz -

The name of this startup describes its power. It is a decentralized open source supercomputer. It uses hardware from around the world (from notebooks up to databases. As you have supercomputer at your service, you can make almost any software and try it in various ways for a cheap price. It is simple to use: you rent as much computation capacity as you need. There is no need to pay more, than it is required.

Expert Review

4.3 out of 5

Golem is another project that tries to rethink cloud technologies by adding blockchain to them. This really corresponds to how the crypto-currencies based on the blockchain are built with decentralization and distributed computing. It is likely that this is how it will look in the future - users, if necessary, will be able to quickly increase the power of their computers with the help of other users. There are a lot of competitors in this sphere, including giants of the IT market. Time will show whether the project team has enough experience and opportunities to develop a good project, but the fact that they already have at least something - the alpha version - is a good sign.

User Review

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ICOinvest26 august 2017, 14:19

The idea seems quite okay actually. Everyone will lend their own computing power which together with million of user will create a really powerful tool that then can be rented for these tokens to use for whatever you need, like rendering your project, compiling programs or run websites. It will indeed be a very powerful tool which can speed up a process of computing anything from few hours with your old laptop to few seconds with many computers working to help you.

The project seems okay, there are a lot of information provided and the design is quite satisfactory.

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