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GLU Token


Tokenizing the Intelligent Connected Automotive Marketplace

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Smart contract blockchain




Sameer Misson - Founder & CEO

Hakam Misson - Founder & President

Narinder Bajwa - Founder & CIO

Stuart Hockman - Founder & COO

Pran Haran - Director of Hardware Design

Sumeet Singh - Sr. Technology Director

Expert Review

4.5 out of 5

Gluon aims to be a blockchain company which would tokenize the intelligent connected automotive marketplace, that is, create an ecosystem where users can use a network of vehicles which would allow them to manage the issues on those cars easily. Gluon’s model allows for multiple revenue streams. For example, it opens up possibilities for hardware sales, software subscriptions, advertising, monitoring services, diagnostic services, data services, e-commerce parts sales, and blockchain transaction processing. The team consists of members who are familiar with the market and have high experience and the overall team evaluation is positive. The whitepaper seems good and well thought.

User Review

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ICO Review11 june 2018, 20:02

Provide an intelligent connected automotive marketplace is what the project aims to provide which according to me is a great concept and the project has some really great members and the website is nicely designed. Overall the project seems like a good investment and I would definitely invest if I had to.

BitcoinMuscle05 september 2017, 05:31

The idea of this ICO is more than great. Cars are used every second worldwide and for sure they are going to be used in next 50 years. World need such a company than can help car owners anytime and everywhere. The thing that they have a partnership with AUDI and VOLKSWAGEN is a proof that this is not a simple company and it is more than just a local auto repair service. Also this give us a lot of confidence because it is not easy to have a partnership with such big company's. This already is a big succes and I hope it will grow up even more and I am waiting to add their service in my country

Opinion#4528 august 2017, 13:46

They aim to create a platform that could store all of the information necessary for automotive industry. It can work as a great statistic tool but most importantly ease the life of car owner as they can provide diagnostic, monitoring and tuning. The design of the app itself looks very good, neat and intuitive. The site could look better, but it's still decent and all the necessary and interesting information are provided.

MonopolyPlayer20 august 2017, 17:56

The first impression of the site seems okay enough. It's bad that they are not providing many information but are relying on these videos. It's always better to provide simple written description for users interested in a project.

They seem to want to create a tool that will generally monitor everything involved with cars. From the car itself with checking all the specifications and working conditions to the sole paths drivers take which would be useful to a lot of scientific statistics and to monitor the traffic around the world and maybe even simply alert drivers about where the traffic is. It will also act as a base of many yet to be developed application connected with services provided by cars and for cars. So there are yet to emerge various way on profiting from driving cars, maybe blockchain based apps like Uber?

Odunuga G16 august 2017, 20:22

Glu token is one of the few ICO's i personally beleive would get a lot of adoption from the market. However, i would like to state the pros and cons based on my view of the project.
1. It is a capped ICO which gives investors a surety that the supply would be regulated thereby preserving its value
2.Patnership with Japanese firms AUDI and Volkswagen which atleast gives investors some confidence that the project would gain acceptance.
3. 100% bounty pre sale bonus.
1. High maximum cap of 250,000 U.S dollars.

themainman16 august 2017, 13:44

good website navigation, great roadmap and whitepaper
gluon is an establishe automotive diagnostic, monitoring and sales
they have many experience profesional members and advisory committee
they have great and proven market sales and expanding the business by offering 200 million token for sales
they offer discount on token purchase at relative good price
limited payment option

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