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Giza Device


Hardware Cryptowallet & Password Manger

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Marco Fike - COO

Ivan Larionov - Senior Project Manager

Aleksandar Rajic - Software Developer

Dmitriy Shishov - Engineer

Ilya Stolyarov - Software Engineer

Pavel Larionov - Lead Software Developer

Faisal Rahman - Software Application Engineer

Anastasiya Shishova - Software Developer

Dmitriy Lisin - Software Developer

Pavel Vorobyov - Design Engineer

Yahya Mukhtar - Web Developer

Karina Dovgalo - Community Manager

Cal Evans - Legal Advisor

Jason Hung - Smart Contract Advisor

Nikolay Zvezdin - Business Strategy Advisor

GIZA Device provides full-fledged feature of hardware password manager. It can be used as a centralised vault and helps in changing password regularly to enhance security. It also helps you in managing detective and preventive control via approval workflows with a real-time alert on password use.

Hardware Password Manager doesn't require any software or mobile app. You can enter your keys and passwords directly from your GIZA device, using it just like a USB Keyboard.

Built-in battery allows you to generate TAN passwords anywhere.

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Raffael Pockstaller20 february 2018, 14:30

Giza have lost their development team. People are banned from the telegram group, just because they ask legitimate questions.
They do not have a CEO anymore, just a COO called Marco Fike, where it looks like he is a ghost.
Many investors are afraid to lose their money.
The pre sale is over and the next one is in october. So people should not invest until the giza team clarifies these issues.

Bitcoin201814 january 2018, 20:09

To briefly describe their project: "GIZA device is a modern cryptocurrency wallet, password manager, u2f authentication system and encrypted data storage – everything in the elegant water-resistant body." And for the ones wondering why would a hardware wallet need a token, it acts as a unit of value of software license for GIZA device

I find it very promising. Today, I think Ledger Nano is the most recognizable and used wallet, but I don't see any reason why wouldn't Giza device compete with it. It is not only a simple wallet, but a whole manager. There is a neat browser addition, and the whole design of the apps look very good. And as an advantage can also act the fact that Giza team has already developed few interesting devices and technologies, so they surely know what they are doing.

Johan1214 january 2018, 19:57

I like the look of the wallet device. It's neat, clean and very portable. You can easily carry it with yourself all the time. As it's heavily protected, you don't have to worry that someone will access your coins in there, even if you lose it or use it on computer with a virus. It supports over 10 most popular currencies and many ERC-20 tokens. There is also that nice feature that GIZA has 16 GB of built-in memory, so you can store there any of your valuable files and information. Moreover, there is also an option for a blockchain backup to make sure, that you can restore all your data using the seed-phrase.

Thomas Sector14 january 2018, 18:31

The overall design of the site and promotional material is very neat. The proffesional vibe can easily encourage potential investors to look further into the project and the descriptions provided on the website are very informative. They show the features of this device and how it can improve security of our cryptocurrency transactions. I think, when someone acquires some significant amount of particular coins or tokens, such device is a must have.

Inthed14 january 2018, 18:28

I really like the idea of creating a new type of hardware for storing cryptocurrencies. As they are becoming more and more popular and the whole cryptocurrency market is rapidly expanding, we can expect that many people will look for such devices in the near future, so the demand will be quite high. The device is small, it has good design and is very durable and even waterproof.

Expert11 january 2018, 15:49

Nice project. The perfect device the market needs. For such devices the future! I wish success to the project and its team! Thank you! The market needs similar devices, those devices that are on the market can not compete with this, you really are a Swiss knife among crypts.

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