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GGS is planning and preparing to launch a platform

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Zsolt Rethat - CEO & Founder

Akos Gilikter - Development team leader

Drazsen Blazsev - Developer

Istvan Zoltai - AWS expert

- Sales Executive

Zheng Wei - PR relations

Gilgam gives an opportunity for each gamer to play for money. Team has its three main offices in Hungary, Malta, and China. Their experience is concentrated on Blockchain, software, and games engineering. Gilgam team not only watches esport games online, but also plays them as well. Their preferences are CS:GO and DOTA 2.  

Expert Review

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Gilgam is a kind of betting platform for e-sport, where gamers can bet on themselves. In other words it's an intermediary for gamers to let them play for money. Very interesting blockchain implementation - unlike many other cases, online gaming allows to exactly determine the winner who will receive the money. Therefore, the entire process can be fully automated, and with the use of blockchain will make it absolutely transparent and honest, lowering the fees. All these are really significant improvements, which means that with good implementation, the project has a chance of success in the multibillion-dollar industry. Preparation for sale is at a good level, however, the project has no MVP.

User Review

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themainman21 august 2017, 15:53

Gilgam is an esport platform for gambling. the platform is to be setup by a group of programmer based in hungary, malta and mainland china. gilgam users will compete in popular eSport games – DOTA2, League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offense, Call of Duty, etc.
promise to be transparent and eliminate cheating
financial transaction of user can not be manipulated
Kyc verification for anonymous crypto is not ideal

tobs12 august 2017, 19:28

I think esports has a really great marketing and economical potential. The tournaments are now beginning to get more and more popular and are even broadcasted in tv just like an ordinary football game. With so much still to improve in that matter, I can see a token and a platform that joins esport players become very popular, therefore the coin can rise in value one day.

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