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The FundRequest platform where developers can get compensated for their work

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Smart contract blockchain




Tim Dierckxsens - Strategy Advisor

Tom Degroote - Infrastructure

David Hantson - Core Developer

Karel Striegel - Founder

Quinten De Swaef - Core Developer

The FundRequest Platform gives an opportunity for developers to get clear feedback from their users including bugs, fixes, and everything else. The project is based on crowdfunding on Ethereum. 

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

FundRequest - a project with a fairly narrow range of potential users. In connection with its technical focus, it will not be very clear to the broad masses. However, this is not always necessary for the project to become successful. Moreover, this project solves a really important task - financing open-source projects. Many well-known and commonly used information projects are now built on these technologies, often created by enthusiasts without any payment for labor. And just imagine what results can be achieved if you further stimulate such developments. Although of course it is important to foresee a lot of difficult moments, such as choosing projects that are worthy of receiving money. In all other respects, the project leaves a good impression, the documentation contains all the information in an accessible form.

User Review

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bribargo8301 february 2018, 08:54

Other than building a resume and contributing to important projects, there is currently no incentive for developers to work on open-source projects. That will change with FundRequest, a new platform that allows organizations to reward open-source contributors by sharing cryptocurrency as an extra incentive.

The smart contract settles the transaction.More than a monetization platform, FundRequest is a system for custom support that will boost the Open Source community as a whole – from developer to end user.

Definitely excited about this project and what it’s bringing to the table. Another video that is recommended -

ICOinvest26 august 2017, 15:11

So this is a crowdfunding platform for people with actually no knowledge about the project they want to raise fund for. I think such idea is ridiculous. They promote people with no skills or coding knowledge and let them raise funds for their upcoming projects so that they can do everything from scratch. It's basically like saying: "Welcome all the scammers, please raise your funds on our platform". I get the initial idea behind this that there are people with great ideas but they just don't know how to execute it. What a noble platform therefore.

The team is relatively small and consists of people with little experience. The site's design is okay, they provide all the information.

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