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Fund Yourself Now


FundYourselfNow a platform to allow project creators to raise funds

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Jack Ser - CEO

Kenneth Tan - CTO

Carlos Salas - Legal advisor and Director

Zheng Junyi - Core Ethereum Dev

Charlene Bautisa - UX designer

Expert Review

4.8 out of 5

FundYourselfNow wants to become an improved version of Kickstarter, with the benefits that are offered by the blockchain technology. On their platform, user can host both ICO and non-ICO projects and raise funds through regular FIAT but also cryptocurrencies. FYN will help list your project on FundYourselfNow platform, branding over 6500 investors. They can provide for you detailed project description and help to get you listed on at least 12 popular listing websites. FYN can also offer marketing services and help to write, edit and distribute marketing articles through top crypto media channels. The overall design of the platform seems user-friendly and easy to use. They provide a lot of information, variety of premium and normal packages and explain the offered services in details. The team is wide and each member has a detailed information about skills and previous experience. When it comes to the sole market, there is a strong competition among crowdfunding platforms both when it comes to the mainstream but also blockchain-based projects.

User Review

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Tissue is the issue16 september 2017, 17:51

The project looks very good and interesting, however there are already a lot of others successfuly funded projects that want to create their crowdfunding platforms that way I don't see why would both investors and people want to support another project of the same idea. I mean, in the mainstream crowdfunding market there are few leading sites, so maybe in the cryptocurrency market, few leading sites can also survice, but I'm not sure if that's possible at this point. I mean if I had to support one, I'd choose kickICO.

Johnathan16 september 2017, 01:15

I really like the design of this site. It looks good and doesn't distract from the information provided on the site. They are quite transparent in that matter and I think I can find all I want about this project. Bringing a crowdfunding platform to the blockchain environment makes it superior to mainstream ordinary platforms as it allows all the transaction to be transparent and the fees are highly reduced to the bare minimum. It also makes it possible to grant the funds directly to the project's wallet without any intermediaries. However, as there are other similar projects, I'm not sure if this one is superior to the others. We will see which one will win this battle.

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