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Is an end-to-end entertainment ecosystem

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Ryan Felton - FOUNDER | CO-OWNER


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3.9 out of 5

FLiK wants to develop a platform where an entertainment related project could be done from scratch. From being funded, then created or filmed, distributed, and paid for all within the platform. This seems like a very convenient way for creators that can't afford or don't know how to do everything by themselves. The creators benefit from getting almost all of the profits directly. FLiK plans to work later with leading movie distribution platform like iTunes, Amazon, RedBox, Vudu and many more.

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CryptoKing31 august 2017, 06:42

It seems like a lot of people haven't actually read the White Paper. Flik is owned by T.I. (well-known actor and rapper) and Ryan Felton who is a Producer and owns a movie studio. They also have the Tony Gallipi who cofounded BitPay. These guys are not amateurs. They've all made millions of dollars prior to starting Flik. I have every reason to believe this will be a success. They have the knowledge and the connections. I'm in.

palmbird20 august 2017, 20:50

I like the project because it gives opportunities for films that otherwise can not be made or not distritbuted.The creator have also more freedom in what there message is .It will also shortens the time to make the film what is sometimes important in political movies.Disadvantage can be the budget for films and less experienced team then well know studios.

MonopolyPlayer20 august 2017, 17:16

So it's basically a fancy crowdfunding website focuses on entertainment film projects. There are many other already existing crowdfunding sites and other promising ICO projects of such platforms to fund all user projects, however this one focuses on one particular niche, which may make it interesting among independent film makers. What they want to add to the basic idea of only raising money is the whole platform where the film could be developed, meaning that they will provide everything to fund create and publish your work on. Very interesting approach, which will gather both filmmakers but also viewers.

The design is quite okay, the paper and the project generally looks decent. They have a chance.

Cyberczar19 august 2017, 18:22

Flik would be invaluable to upstart and upcoming creative who would without such platform struggle to realize their dream of production.

According to the FLIK website,
"FLiK is developing a unique end-to-end entertainment ecosystem that allows for projects to be funded, filmed, distributed, and paid for all within the FLiK framework. This is a revolutionary approach to the development and distribution of cinema as we know".

Despite being valuable to upcoming artiste, FLIK's claim of ability to distribute such works across wide audience to make anticipated profit for the creators is yet unproven and should they accomplish that, FLIK would undoubtedly be the brand to reckon with since there are a lot of people whose talents are awaiting harnessing.

Nicklaus17 august 2017, 11:13

Pros: it's a new way for new film makers to publish, create, fund and launch their projects. It claims to have a massive distribution network,.. It also offer a more lesser deal than others out there

Cons: it claims to develop a world class viewing platform, all I'm seeing right here are just lots of promises, it took other companies quite a while to get to what they are, how then will a new company do that, they ought to start in a much lesser range..

dlorah17 august 2017, 11:08

I think this will be a good thing for the smaller film studio's. The big studio's have budgets of millions to make a movie. While the smaal ones need to go to banks and other 3rd parties for a loan, and this could take ages. With this platform they can easilly gather the funds needed without payin gtoo much in legal fees, lawyers etc. These project will really bring the industry a step further.

crytozeal17 august 2017, 10:20

Finally a project that is targeted at the entertainment industry, according to the founders FLiK is aimed at changing the ways business is done in the entertainment industry.

they want to make funding and distribution for projects faster and easier removing all the conventional bottlenecks being faced in the industry right now.

we can only wait and see how this works out.

ajik201016 august 2017, 20:37

Pros: It reduces the time required to fund and release a film or television show by cutting off unnecessary beaurucracy. It also ensures the creator of the show maximises profit from his/her work.
Cons: While this process might reduce time, it runs a risk of having 'recycled' producers. It might limit input of fresh ideas and corrections and a creative might find it easier and better to work with producers from different backgrounds over time.

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