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FirstBlood is a blockchain based eSports platform

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Smart contract blockchain




Marco Cuesta - Head of Bizdev & Co-founder

Anik Dang - Software Engineer & Co-founder

Zack Coburn - Chief Blockchain Architect & Co-founder

Joe Zhou - Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder

Every gamer believes to become the greatest player as soon as his skills sharpen making money for what they do.. Therefore, this project is a ticket for every gamer in the world.

Expert Review

4.7 out of 5

FirstBlood is a project for the gaming industry. It is clear that it isn't very useful industry for humanity from global point of view. But if we look at it from a commercial point of view, then we must understand that this industry is now on a big upswing and already has billions in turnover. Therefore, any good project, useful to the community of players, has a chance to succeed. And a project that will allow any player in the world to earn money on his hobby, to monetize his skills really looks promising. After all, more recently, this could only be dreamed of - playing and getting paid for it. Then it became available to a narrow circle of people - members of well-known teams. And now it can become available to everyone. And the ICO preparation of the project, the use of blockchain on the platform - everything is implemented at a very high level.

User Review

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Milkyway65432122 august 2017, 18:10

It's this sort of betting esport site that allows you to take part in tournaments or set up games against friend and you win you will win the money, or I'd say these tokens that you can later exchange for money. Seems like a decent platform. They aim to support the most popular games, however it will be hard to do so. For now they only managed to introduce Dota 2 into their platform. I'm not so sure about this platform. There are a lot of kids playing games that can lose their money there.

dlorah16 august 2017, 10:17

This can be very big. Lots of money involved in Esports. Like Palmbird said I too really like the name. If they can move their way to the top of Esports that would be great. Website looks pretty good. They have a nice whitepaper explaining everything. But since crypto is getting more popular they do have a lot of competition.

palmbird15 august 2017, 11:16

Good name for the project.The advertising and promotion is professional.They claime to have a secure and save system.I think this project will be a winner because the have a great team and the project is well worked out and complete.There is a lot of money in the gaming world so for investors this also a good platform.

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