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Cryptoken backed by real economic activity

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Smart contract blockchain




Dr. Wan M Hasni - Chief Executive Officer, Farad Program

Rashdan Ibrahim - Financial Advisor, Farad Program

Richard Imran Ding - Legal Advisor, Farad Program

Nong You Hua - Ultra-Capacitor Technology Advisor, Farad Program

Satriya Suetoh - Ultra-Capacitor Program Advisor, Farad Program

Dr. Hung Yen Liu - Ultra-Capacitor Manufacturing Advisor, Farad Program

Expert Review

4 out of 5

Farad aims to provide a cryptocurrency which is backed by real economic activity (which is the production of ultra-capacitors within the actual factory settings) and is built on the ethereum blockchain. Ultra-capacitors are energy storage units used in factories. It attempts to commoditize intellectual property rights. The team behind the project consists of experienced members and the overall team evaluation is positive. The website is minimal and greatly designed and the whitepaper seems well planned and presented. Overall the project seems well but as its company is based in China and recently China banned all crypto-related activities, it has badly affected this particular project.

User Review

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sampsonang202014 july 2018, 12:36

This farad is not honest, they never keep their promise for investors. Dr.Wan had been disappear and company not more operate. Investors who hold farad token can not trade due to suspend exchange in HitBTC means farad token become not value as rubbish and look like scam company .ICO should have strict inspection in every ICO list in further.

ICO Review11 june 2018, 20:11

An ultra-capacitor energy storage backed=up cryptocurrency based on blockchain is what the project aims to provide which I think is a great and unique idea. The team also is great and has designed its website well and the whitepaper is also thoroughly planned. But due to the project having its root in China it is currently facing some issues so I would suggest not to invest in it.

harold31 october 2017, 12:05

Dubai – The Farad Cryptocurrency Program is popularly known as (FRD) is introduced via its official launch at “The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai International Financial Centre”.

It is excellent in circulation.
There is a repurchase from a real company and from March 20 next year.
It is designed to increase the price of the token.

Vitali18 august 2017, 11:07

It's always good for an investor, especially when it comes to digital investments, when they are backed by some real product. The token's value will be set by the performance of the new technology that they are developing. They aim to introduce ultracapacitors, reusable devices to store electrical energy. As the need for electric energy and it's storing is constantly growing, such technology can surely find it's market. The project will be fully accounted on the blockchain which will give the transparency for investors. I find it revolutionary in a way as they can contribute to the better energy managment and introduce blockchain technology to modern manufacturing companies.

ajik201017 august 2017, 12:47

Pros: Virtually all cryptocurrencies that come into existence offers same advantages like anonymity. Farad stands out from the crowd since it claims it will be backed by real economic activity which is the production of ultra-capacitors.
Coins: Even though it claims it will be backed by an economic activity, there is likely to be some form of scepticism since the funds generated will be used in purchasing/setting up the factory especially since little is known about them. People might be reluctant to buy into what has not even been set up especially since any problem can come up along the line that will hinder the start up of the factory.

themainman15 august 2017, 10:24

good website navigation and mobile optimized and using blockchain technology is really great
Cryptocurency market is on the rise
good roadmap and whitepaper
offer discount for token purchase and large pool of token for sales
good customer relation, active social site page and great group of experienced team

accepting limited cryptocurency (ETH, BTC)

Glory9015 august 2017, 08:36

FARAD is an attempt at providing a new novel way of commoditising Intellectual
Property Rights related to a set of technologies related to metal oxide based
ultra-capacitors development and production. The approach taken here is by introducing
forward contracts based on the manufacturing application of the technology,
and how these forward contracts are structured as the underlying assets of a digital
commodity. The commoditisation program entails identification of the economic
appropriation rights for the technologies and how it could be coded onto Ethereum
Blockchain Smart Contracts, which would then create a tokenise digital asset commodity
called FARAD. This digital asset is named as a “Cryptoken”, signifying the
cryptographic element of the Ethereum Blockchain and the tokenising of the digital

disadvantages: project has not started yet

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