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Decentralized app with peer to peer payments

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Smart contract blockchain




Alexi Lane - CEO, Founder

Alexander Kakunov - CTO, Co-founder

Jean-Baptiste Decorzent - Inclusive Finance Director

Anton Dzyatkovskii - Microlending Director

Artem Kolesnikov - Lead Engineer

Anastasia Khizhnyakova - Marketing

 EVEREX – is a young organization in the blockchain universe. Its qualified team accepted the challenge of worldwide micro-financing popularization that is achieved with Blockchain and money transmission.   

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

Everex aims to build a platform that is able to perform cross-border transactions along with real-time settlement and the blockchain security. It promises to put equities, fiat currencies, non-financial assets on the ethereum blockchain just to facilitate peer to peer global remittance, capital markets, and currency exchange. The website is minimal provideng just the right amount of required information and the team behind the project is socially interactive and is experienced and the overall team evaluation is positive. Their app is great made and is easy to use with a great user interface.

User Review

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ICO Review11 june 2018, 19:57

A microfinance, remittance, and mobile payments blockchain is what the project aims to provide which I think is a unique concept and the team has executed it greatly. It would help people all around the globe which makes it a great option to invest in and I would recommend that. Its website and app also have been nicely designed.

ICOinvest26 august 2017, 15:32

Essentially a platform for all your finance, both crypto and fiat, to take place. The features are quite interesting. You can easily take micro-loans in any currency. I'm not sure how they will execute this, but it seems like a really useful thing. You could use exchange within the app making it easy to get any currency you want. And of course it is easy to pay for anything with one click. Seems like a reasonable app that combines a lot of interesting functions. But there is a huge competition among such apps and I'm not sure they will be able to succeed.

Herlina17 august 2017, 13:16

Despite the volatility in ETH and risks related to participating in ICO, this platform is a promising platform as they already have mature products in their portfolio and have a good track record in working on Ethereum platform. Even they are planning to list this token within 3 weeks of the token sale in prominent exchanges. Apart from the speculative value they have a very good usability of token in their platform. With a better track record and a promising team, I am sure this will be a good investment for any ICO investor.

But there are challenges regarding to security and Ethereum being still an evolving platform and still having issues in Transaction scaling. And given the fact that the whole lending process in not completely Peer to peer there significant human interaction required at the sale endpoints and also the involvement of representatives to collect and help with remittances limits the full power of Blockchain to the masses. How ever on the upside these services bring the much needed speed in micro-lending and remittance which are still non existent in some geographies. It remains to be seen with their multi pronged offerings how they can compete in the market where already Transferwise, Ripple and Currency Cloud are some big players though the market and opportunity for them is huge.

Glory9016 august 2017, 12:22

Good team in the project..
EVEREX is a young technology startup in the blockchain space with both a team and a business-model uniquely qualified to answer some of the challenges of international micro-financing. Everex focuses on easing the financial inclusion problem by applying blockchain technology for cross-border remittance, online payment, currency exchange and micro lending, without the volatility issues of existing, non-stable coin cryptocurrencies.

The Advantages and Disadvantages:
Earlier Everex twitter account was hacked and a fake Ethereum address was put.
thanks to their prompt action the account was freezed. And thanks to the proactive involvement of Everex team members notably “Juan Manuel Dominguez” 24/7 the ICO investors were helped and all their queries answered. This goes onto show how much mature and serious this team is in not only raising capital but also engaging and helping prevent against phishing and hacks. Hence this goes on to show the professionalism and their commitment.

thesmallboy13 august 2017, 10:29

fast site loading and good interface
mobile optimised and easy site navigation
blockchain technology
global payment available in any currency of your choice
Everex was amongst the first teams to build applications on Ethereum
support dual wallet (BTC, ETH)
very fast easy to make payment
good customer relation and communication
lifespan is very short
transaction fees is charged

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