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Get ether and bitcoin simply and safely

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Monty Singh - CEO & Co founder

Pedro Rodriguez - Director & Co founder

Expert Review

4.4 out of 5

Ethbits is the simplest exchanger for exchanging fiat money for crypto currency and back. This project's goal is to create a P2P exchanges between major fiat currencies and a variety of cryptocurrencies with a large and active community. They want to offer an interesting feature of copy trading, which allow users to automatically copy behaviour of the experienced and most skilled traders.The more followers a trader has the more profit they make by executing a successful trade. But they found, than to attract investors - Unlike most exchanges ETHBITS will be distributing up to 40% of the profit to the holders of the site token. That is, from the very beginning it becomes clear, due to which the profitability of ICO investors will be ensured. During the early preparation stage, they advertised to offer even up to 80% of profits, however the current number seems more reasonable, as the project needs some funds for the development and to expand their services. The core team consists of 6 members responsible for various sides of the project like development or escrow services.

User Review

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That's right19 august 2017, 10:39

Well despite all the things they may advertise about this project it will still be an ordinary exchange. And that's nothing that much interesting to be an ICO. However they really focus on simplifying the process of buying the cryptocurrency with your normal money and that's always good and maybe it will make more people interested in investing in bitcoin and ethereum, as these are their main focus. They are going to open offices in all parts of world so they seem really ambitious.

j.bob213 august 2017, 11:37

I really like the idea to ease the money exchange from our regular fiat currencies into the crypto world. If the exchange turns out to be good and many people will use it, a holder of that token will get part of the profit, which because of the size of exchange market transaction can be expected to be a significant amount. Unfortunately they didn't seem to raise much money during the ICO stage, so I'm not so sure about future of this project.

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