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Essentia (Protocol)


The Next Generation Layer of Interoperability and Data

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Smart contract blockchain




Matteo Gianpietro Zago - Project Lead

Mirco Mongiardino - Product Lead

Vladimir Holubovych - Operations Lead

Artur Petrovych - CTO

Stefan Djokic - Technical Team Lead

Alex Grek - Senior Developer

Nikolay Hryshchenkov - Technical Team Lead

Essentia is a masternoded multi-chained set of protocols connecting centralized and decentralized resources to create new powerful interactions and experiences.

Expert Review

4.9 out of 5

Essentia is a modular decentralized interoperability and data management framework. Which means, that it can work as the connector between various blockchains and projects. The user should be able to connect with his favourite decentralized applications with only few clicks. One secure seed would then store all of the important information and access to numerous applications. A significant focus is put on the security and convenience of the data stored within the Essentia platform. The tokens will be mined with the PoS algorithm using masternodes run by the users, who will then be rewarded with the tokens proportional to their stake and level of participation. The ESS token will be used as the primary payment option within the whole ecosystem connected to the Essentia. The team behind Essentia is undoubtedly a huge advantage of the project. It is very broad and consists of many experienced and skilful members, managers and developers. Project founders have been active in the cryptocurrencies scene for many years and have previously developed few successful projects. The technical part of the platform is being taken care of by almost 20 developers, programmers and designers, which shows that they will be able to deliver the technologies that they've promised. It's also worth noting that projects like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Gnosis, Status, EtherDelta and Flyp.Me or Mysterium have already been integrated with Essentia.

User Review

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Samuel11 april 2018, 12:14

Essentia is one of the latest life-changing discoveries in the blockchain world. With the help of the decentralization, it unifies all the dApps in one place. It is a Wonderland for the young startuppers and qualified entrepreneurs, as it gives a chance to store all the data with just one click. It’s an excellent solution for every user, who processes tones of information every day and wants their data to be protected.

Drake09 april 2018, 16:32

The idea of the project is unbelievably great! It is developed by a team with a great experience in the blockchain. After visits conferences with participation Essentia team, I can say that the future of this project is more perspective than which may seem at first glance. They have a unique view of their product and well-thought-out plan realization. The design of the site is excellent. It is easy to navigate demo of the platform, and it looks pretty good.It also provides a variety of dApps, that is great! Essentia can be used by a guru of the blockchain as well as users who have just yesterday knowen about cryptocurrency. Everyone will find that what he needed. This project definitely will be one of the most successful.

totopir06 april 2018, 16:07

A unique project concept! When I reviewed the main product I realized that this is not just another idea or a proposition but a real and solid product and project. Love the concept that all of the dApps in one place, it would save the time for a lot of people and me included. Already an existing business and the company backing it up is really good. Nice product, nice idea, nice team. Can't wait for the ICO.

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