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Decentralize Everything - Efficiency Redefined

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Alexander Siria - Leading Developer

Vladislav Turiashvili - Business Analytics

Expert Review

3.9 out of 5

EQUI platform offers a kind of search engine. But it is not for searching for all the information. It resembles more a marketplace in a way, where people who need some services and those who are ready to provide them can easily connect. Moreover, such project is aimed not only at individual people, but also at business projects. It turns out a kind of universal marketing and analytical tool. White paper is quite detailed, describes the functional, the principle of operation, has a clear development plan and even a basic model of monetization. The project is ambiguous, but at least stands out among others for an unusual idea.

User Review

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thesmallgod04 september 2017, 03:41

Equi have clear roadmap and whitepaper. the goals self motivated and realistic. the team member have great experiences and have traceable educational background. EQUI offer bounty campaign and bonuses on token purchases. EQUI offer users ability to create their own business using EQUI platform. it allow individual looking for particular services to be able to navigate through the platform and choose from many preferences
token sales
US citizens or residents are not allow
token sales is through waves wallet alone

Richard Guy15 august 2017, 12:34

The idea is pretty good. Easy platform to monitor supply and demand of services. They state that today many people don't work in a field that wanted to, because there weren't enough places of such work near them or the market didn't need the service that they were passionate about. This platform will make it easy for anyone to create their own company and start doing the business one have always wanted. It can be easily done from home and sold to anyone's in the World. Also people looking for particular services could easily go on that platform and search for what they want and choose from one of these start ups.

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