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Blockchain Interoperability & Data Portal

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Smart contract blockchain




Ryan Molecke - CTO

Jason Dispenza - CEO

Christina Garcia - COO

James Barry - Advisor

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2.8 out of 5

EnergyChain is an energy-efficient blockchain designed to have a positive ecological impact. EnergyChain can support many currencies and protocols, and is used for residential, commercial, and industrial decentralized energy-grid functionalities, including tracking of energy asset shares. In their project they want to focus on providing technology to manage batteries, gas-powered generators or frequency regulators in environmentally friendly solutions and solar panel or wind power installations. The blockchain would find its functionality in tracking efficiently energy production and usage and could create an automated power exchange. They also want to offer registration of green energy devices for renewable resource credit programs. The team is quite small, as it consists of only few members with the extension of an advisory board.

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