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Secure VoIP and B2B blockchain communications infrastructure

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Smart contract blockchain




Roman Nekrasov - CEO & Co-founder

Aleksey Kuznetsov - CTO & Co-founder

Igor Bityutskih - CIO & Co-founder

Sasha Ivanov - Waves Balance Escrow

Dmitry Meshkov - ETH & ETC balance Escrow

Expert Review

4.2 out of 5

EncryptoTel is a very complex Telecom project that includes many features that can make it easily stand out from ordinary messengers or applications for calls like Skype or Viber. It's more like an infrastructure project that will bring communications to a new level. They describe the project as "The First Secure Cloud Private Branch eXchange" and believe that encrypted telecommunications is a future of all traditional telecommunications. This tool can be convenient for both ordinary users and business. It offers features such as free communication within the network, more than 100 local numbers of countries cities and states or extended statistics on the activity of employees and customers. The site has a lot of pictures demonstrating the design of applications. However, there is no clear information about the team or the developers behind the project.

User Review

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The real crypto investor18 august 2017, 11:49

I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Why? Because it seems too good to be real and get 5 from me.

I'm not too technical minded to say exactly how they are going to achieve this, but they surely explain it in their whitepapers and technical documents. They aim to bring anonymity and security into the telecommunication sector. Every developer is trying to make on the Internet everything as decentralized and anonymous as possible, we've got private networks, encrypted payment methods and now it's finally time for our phones and calls to also feel secure and not tracked.

I find this idea brilliant and if it succeeds, this will be the biggest revolution in the modern history. I think it's a safe bet to buy their tokens and be a part of this revolution.

Richard Guy15 august 2017, 12:19

The project is really incredible.

We indeed live in a World where there is an ongoing debate about our privacy. We already getting browsers and VPN services that let us feel a bit safer in the internet. This project takes on making telecommunication services feel safe. And it's even greater that they have found the solution with use of such an amazing technology that blockchain is.

What seems for me even more hard to believe is the fact that communication within the chain would be free for everyone. The sole usage of communication service would act as a way of mining the tokens so by calling others one can even earn money. They use strong encryption, they care for our privacy. The design of the site and the execution of the marketing site is also good. Everything is pretty straight forward and well explained.

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